20 of the best paintings for gouache painting, 20 of the best brushes for gouache paint

 20 of the best paintings for gouache painting, 20 of the best brushes for gouache paint

What are the colors of the gouaches:

Gawash is a water paint that can be applied with a brush or placed directly on the page. Gawash is often used in children's art, but it has a wide range of uses that go beyond coloring images. You can use gouache to create anything, from abstract panels to real illustrations. Painting dries quickly and is easy to clean, which makes it perfect for projects that require several steps, such as creating a mural.

Gouache contains the concentration of higher colors than other water -based paintings such as acrylic and oil paintings, allowing you to obtain more colors on a fabric area. This allows you to easily mix the colors together when you work in different shades of gray or black. When you choose your tools for gouache paint, several factors must be taken into account, in particular: the type of brush you want to use; How many colors do you want to include in your work; What size do you want for your final product; What is the thickness or thin of the lines you want?

Gawash is the best choice for beginners because it is quick to prepare and requires no special tool. This means that you can spend less time drawing, which will allow you to finish more in a shorter period. Gawash is a water paint, which means that it is more forgiving than other paintings, such as oil or acrylic. The largest feature of water paints is that it requires no special equipment to mix or store it, so you can prepare a workspace in the corner of your room and start drawing directly. If you just start drawing Gouache, we advise you to use an artificial and silky industrial brush on your fingers. These brushes are generally in nylon or polyester fibers wrapped around a handful of wood or plastic.

How to choose the best paintings and brushes:

Gawash water paint with a thick texture. It does not dry the same speed as oil paintings, and it is therefore not suitable for use on acrylic surfaces or temperature, which are more vulnerable to cracking. Gawash is also less diverse than other paint supports, because it cannot be mixed with other dyes to create color diagrams. However, if you take enough time to learn how to use the gouache correctly, you can result from a few incredible results!

Gawash often uses artists who want to try daring colors and fabrics. It can be an economical alternative to painting or acrylic oil in separation because it dries quickly and does not require a mixture with other dyes. Gouache also allows you to create more unique conceptions than traditional oily or acrylic paints because they do not mix well with other colors when placed on the top (which can lead to variables).

Artificial brushes: The artificial brush will be more flexible than the hair brush of animals and maintains their better shape than the whole natural brush. It is also cheaper than natural hair brushes because it does not need to clean them too much. The artificial brush will be more flexible than animal hair brush and maintains their better shape than the whole natural brush. It is also cheaper than natural hair brushes because it does not need to clean them too much

Gawash paint with driving water foundation quickly and easy to use. It is ideal for beginners and experienced artists because it can be used on any surface and always gets excellent results. The best brushes for gouache paint are made of artificial materials, such as nylon fibers, because they are more durable than natural materials such as wood or animal hair. Synthetic brushes also allow more control over the flow of painting, which is important when working with gouache. Many artists prefer to use a non -Sharp brush for gouache painting because they allow them to create thick strikes that paint that do not dry up at speed that other types of brushes dry. You can find a variety of types of gouache brushes online or in the local technical tool store.

Multiple properties and uses of Gouache paint:

The gouache plate is mainly an oily paint mixed with water. It is a type of paint that is created by mixing the pigment with liquid water, then placing it on a surface, usually a paper. The result is a semi-transparent paint has a bright quality because the dyes are suspended in the water. Since the gouache depends on the water, you will have to make sure that Farkk is made of materials that do not absorb it or do not make the hair disappear. But if you are looking for the best brushes and paintings to paint gouache, you want to know what type of brushes works better for this type of paint.

Today there are many types of gouache paintings on the market, some of which are specially designed to paint gouache, but the best of them are generally made of colors mixed with what is called the "preparation factor ". The installation factor is a liquid that allows coloring molecules to flow freely while applying without the tuft in the "paint flow" if called. This helps to ensure more fluid strikes and reducing lines when applying colors to larger spaces with a single blow instead of several colors (which can cause a variation in color degree).

Best brushes:

Forget the cheap things you see in technical stores, you will never be strong enough to support the cruelty of gouache painting, because you often have to work quickly (or follow your child). Instead, get high quality brushes from the local technical tool store or online retail seller. You must be happy that you have done! Remember that hair needs something soft and delicate that is not broken when you start working quickly on an image or try new techniques (we were all there). You can buy hair in most technical supplies stores or online control

20 of the best brushes for gouache painting:

  1. . Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes
  2. . Da Vinci Maestro Series 35 brushes
  4. . Princetus Heritage Series 4050 Brushes
  5. . Raphael Keerell Brushes
  7. . Silver brush brushes in black velvet.
  8. . Loew-Cornell ultra round brushes
  9. . Isabey pure kolinsky brushes
  10. . Bamboo brushes Holbein Takumi
  11. . Blick Master Synthetic Sautable Brosss
  12. . Ark of Kolinsky pure brushes.
  13. . Escoda Ultimo Trendo Synthetic Brushes
  14. . Brones of the Utrecht 228 series
  15. . Dynasty Faux Squirrel Brosses.
  16. . Zenart Black Tulip Brosses
  17. . Creative Mark Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Broshes
  18. . Royal watercolor brushes and Zen Langnickel
  19. . Robert Simmons Sapphire Brushes
  20. . Zenart Turner Collection Brosses.

20 of the best paintings for gouache painting:

  1. . Winsor & Newton Designers gouache
  2. . Holbein Acryla Gouche
  3. . Royal talens gouche paintings of artists of extra fine quality
  4. . Schumincke Horadam Gouche
  5. . Mr. Graham Gouache
  6. . Liquitex Professional Gouche Painting
  7. . Van goache
  8. . Sennelier Extra-Fine Gouche
  9. . Daler Rowney System 3 Gouche
  10. . Ebeo Studio Gouche
  11. . Turner Acryl Gouche
  12. . Sakura Koi Watercolor Gouche.
  13. . Mary gouache painting set
  14. . Artza Gouche painting set
  15. . Himi gouche paint set
  16. . Caran d'Ace Gouache Studio Painting
  17. . Gouache of Lukas designers
  18. . Grumbacher Academy Gouche.
  19. . Dugato gouche paint set
  20. . Castle Art Supplies Gouche Paint Set
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