How can I rediscover my passion for drawing? The problem of losing the passion for drawing, how to return the passion for drawing?

 How can I rediscover my passion for drawing? The problem of losing the passion for drawing, how to return the passion for drawing?

The problem of losing the passion for drawing:

I've been drawing for a while, maybe years. But you are not satisfied with your work and you start to lose your passion. Maybe you were good at art, but now it's all fair...sic. What can you do

The first thing is to take a step back. When you're feeling down, try looking at the big picture: what made you want to paint in the first place? What are some of the things that make art interesting to you? Once you know that, it's easier to get back into the rhythm of things. You can pick up where you left off and enjoy your work. Think about what got you into drawing in the first place: maybe it was learning to draw human figures? Maybe he learned to draw animals? Perhaps he was learning to paint landscapes? If that's what got you excited about drawing, let's try something new! Try drawing something else!

Think about your life and try to remember any time when you were really passionate about something. Did anything specifically related to the drawing happen? Did anything specific happen with the watercolor painting? If so, go back and do those things again - but this time with a different attitude! rather than seeing them as failures or setbacks

Well, to give you a break. If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your creative endeavors, take a step back and try something new. Try drawing on paper rather than digital. Try making a photo collage instead of an illustration. Maybe try creating an array from scratch? It may feel like starting over, but it actually gives you a chance to rediscover the joy of creating things that are yours alone.

And if you still can't find the inspiration to get back to painting or if you've tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work, you might want to consider bringing in some outside help. Maybe someone who knows more than you can help you find your next step or show you how to get back on track with your vision.

How can I rediscover my passion for drawing?

Assess your environment. Are you surrounded by inspiring art? Are there people to talk to about painting? If so, contact us and make new friends! You might be surprised at the amount of support and encouragement available. Then stop thinking that drawing is a chore or something that makes you feel guilty for not having to choose between one or the other. Of course, you'll want to practice every day if possible (and we totally recommend it!) but don't feel you have to do it to be allowed into the art world. In fact, once you start to see yourself as someone who can paint again, that idea will naturally become less important than actually doing it.

I am a creative little person. I like to write and create things, but I get bored easily with art. I think the problem is that my head is not in the right place. When I'm not painting, I think of something else entirely. I need to get back to it and focus on drawing again, so I can progress and improve my skills.

   It's hard to get back into the rhythm of painting when you've been away from it for so long. I'm sure you'll find your passion again, but here are a few things that might help:

  • Think about what inspired you to paint in the first place. Is it related to art? What do you think of your vocation as an artist?
  • If it was something fun and exciting, try incorporating those elements into your work again. Try creating a graphic that reflects the feeling of being on a roller coaster and maybe even add some screaming and howling sound effects!
  • If it's something practical like making money or making friends, try working on projects with those goals in mind. For example, if you want to make money as an artist, try creating a chart showing how much money you'll make selling your designs online! Or maybe you want to be friends with other artists, so try creating a graphic that shows how awesome it would be if everyone had their own space full of art supplies.

How to make the passion of drawing:

That little spark that made you want to paint all day, but now you feel like it's gone? You could probably draw very quickly and easily, but now it seems time consuming and harder than ever. You may have tried changing your style or techniques, but nothing seemed to work. Or maybe something else isn't working for you. Either way, if you feel your passion for drawing has faded, there are things you can do about it. And they have nothing to do with changing your style or style, they have everything to do with connecting with yourself and your own values. that's what I mean:

  • Start by setting a time each day to paint. This will help you get used to taking time out of your day to work on your art.
  • Get a new sketchbook and explore different styles and mediums. It's important to stay motivated and excited about the creative process by experimenting with different materials and styles. You never know what fun surprises might pop up during this exploration phase!
  • Think back to some of your favorite plays from your youth, they'll probably be full of mistakes, but that's okay! Mistakes are how we learn, so don't worry too much about them.

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