What is still life painting in drawing? How to draw a still life? Static life painting painting

 What is still life painting in drawing? How to draw a still life? Static life painting painting

What is still life painting in drawing:

still life drawing is a kind of art that represents things somewhere. Things are generally a food, a drink or other elements intended for display. The object can also be part of the background scene. The subject of static life paintings can vary considerably depending on the artist's interests and style. Artists of static life can focus on photography of daily things such as fruits or flowers, or they can explore more abstract concepts such as color theory.

The still life rescue painter can use a number of materials, including food, flowers, plants and even insects. Static lifestyles can be created using different techniques and media. Some artists prefer to draw on paper or fabric, while others prefer to draw on wooden panels or other surfaces. Painters still alive can also use different types of brushes such as pencils, pastels or oils.

still lifeis a kind of paintings that represent an object or a group of things that are placed in front of a neutral background. The body can be anything, from food to flowers, to things that are generally not considered a fixed lifespan. The subject of life can be realistic or simply, depending on the artist's intentions. Static lifestyles can also be created using all means, including oil paint and watercolor. The artist focuses on creating an arrangement for things, often on a table. This can include anything, from food to flowers, but the accent is generally placed on a specific object or a group of things.

The characteristics of life in painting:

still life painting drawing is a type of art that focuses on using things in an empty space other than that. The artist creates a fixed lifespan by accommodating things in front of them, and sometimes he creates a preparation for her by placing them on a table or shelf. The artist can choose to draw food or flowers himself, or he can rent another person to do so in his name. Static life drawing is a great way to practice your skills and learn to draw what you see. It is also a great way to explore new ways to express yourself, so that you can find your unique style.

still life painting is a painting that shows something that has not been transferred or modified in any way, and it is generally displayed without people or animals. This painting, which is still specifically alive, shows a bowl of fruits and vegetables, with a vase of flowers on the table behind. Static painting is a technique that uses an object as a subject of works of art. The object is generally placed in front of the artist or behind, and its shape or color is often distinguished by lighting. Many artists have used static life painting during the Renaissance to express their ideas on nature and daily life.

. The object can be real or false. This can be food for flowers and other plants, household items such as dishes, cups and tea. In this example, the artist chose to draw a bowl of fruits and vegetables. Static life advice can be very realistic or abstract. It can also be very decorative and colorful. The artist's goal is to create an attractive image cursing the spectator, but not distracting the subject himself.

How to draw a still life painting:

It is also known as "object drawing" or "landscape drawing", which is one of the most common art models today. Static life advice is generally created by artists who use real things that are fixed lives are often created as part of a larger collection of works, such as a series or group of artists. In this context, the term "static life" makes not only reference to any object that has been represented in painting, but also indicates the whole context surrounding the room in which it was drawn and how the light falls through different moments of the day.

The paintings that are still alive are a great way to practice your drawing skills. It is much less complicated than the landscape, it will therefore give you the possibility of working alone on your style and your technology. Static lifestyles are also a good way to start an idea that you want to explore more deeply. For example, if you are interested in watercolor but you have not yet tried it, the fixed lifespan is a great way to start!

When you learn to draw and color, there are certain things that you should consider:

Make sure your subject is not very busy (or very simple).

  • Use light colors for backgrounds and dark colors for things; Otherwise, it will look like an incomplete plate (and no one wants).
  • Try using different types of brushes for different effects - for example, use a large brush for large areas such as the sky or water; Use smaller brushes for smaller areas such as faces or flowers; Use this little one for more details such as foliage or flowers themselves
  • You will need a table or an action surface to put a fixed object. If it is a large body, like a vase full of flowers, you may want to use two or more tables so that you can move and get different angles if necessary.
  • Once you have chosen the type of object you use as a subject for you, prepare your lighting so that it is distributed evenly on all areas of the fabric surface and not just an angle or edge. You should also try not to put any nuances under a part of the subject (like under his feet or behind his head).
  • This comes after this choice of colors for your subject: it depends on the type of art model you want (see below). If an oil plate with an intense color palette such as light or purple red, be sure to use these colors in your fabric as much as possible without leaving the gap

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