Draw on fabric with acrylic colors and dye fabric. Everything you need to start a fabric drawing and coloring project. Tools and techniques.

 Draw on fabric with acrylic colors and dye fabric. Everything you need to start a fabric drawing and coloring project. Tools and techniques.

a definition :

Drawing on fabrics or drawing on coffins can be one of the most beautiful experiences for the painter, especially when making gifts or souvenirs for an occasion. It can also be useful for discovering another area of drawing and new tools like fashion design. It is also useful for those who want to be unique in their clothing and mix a pattern or style. Their... But drawing on fabric is a different process than drawing on any surface, and it also has a specific plan and arrangement that the executor must follow and try as much as possible to work according to the scheduling rules so that the result is professional.

Despite this, any beginner who tries to draw on fabric (shirts, shoes, pants, furniture, etc.) makes the mistake of not distinguishing between what he is going to draw and what he is not going to print. not, so he waits a lot for the drawing to be made. like digital printers and will appear as a mark as he sees it on ordinary clothing, and this is a mistake. There is a big difference between drawing and printing. The latter, of course, requires expensive professional printers, different colors and a different process. Although the drawing and its tools are cheaper, the result will be good and professional, that is, it will resist fading, cracking, etc., and it will not be as well executed as the print, and here it is. We mean the curvature of lines, dimensions, etc.

Tools used:

First of all, we need to know the tools we will use. Despite this, these tools are considered to belong to the category of high-priced drawing tools, and some of them are not available in our Arab markets, so they must be obtained from electronic markets (Check out the best sites for buy drawing tools).

First, acrylic

This is the most available and cheapest alternative. It is the only drawing color suitable for a surface such as canvas. It is also easy to work with by placing it on and adhering to canvas, although it is difficult to apply due to its quick drying and water resistance (Learn more about acrylic colors and the most famous brands).


These are pens that can be used to draw a first design or add final embellishments or small details. It is best to have markers for easy handling and access to the smallest details. Perhaps the most famous of them are Copic Company, Posca Company, or the latter, notably the Sharpie Company, which offers special pens for drawing on fabrics and furniture (Sharpie pens for drawing on various surfaces).

Textile dye

It is intended for textiles in general and may be available in major markets. It is also designed specifically for adhesion to different types of textile surfaces. Just make sure it is suitable for the same type of fabric being used. It can be available in different forms such as liquids, sprays or powders, as the latter can only change the color of the entire shirt. Putting it with an appropriate amount of boiled water and the color in a bowl and leaving it overnight is one of the most well-known signs, especially in the most widespread spray from the Tulip Krylon company.

Alcohol Ink Colors

This is a type of dye consisting of a large amount of alcohol, however, it is used for example by dripping or by heat. What sets it apart is that it penetrates the fabric well, requiring the use of a sealant. This is not recommended, especially if you are a beginner, as it relies on difficult-to-use methods.

Gesso can be used to close pores (the role of gesso and how to use it)

The brushes are different depending on each size: (Discover the sizes of drawing brushes)

Implementation method:

First of all, you need to have at least a simple base in drawing, and if drawing is a problem for you, you can use blank pictures, and you can find a lot of them, and everything you need to look for is available on the site Pinterest. or an app. All you have to do is search for the word stencil. It has been added. Whatever you want, you can then print the image and unpack it yourself.

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