Films on the art of drawing and biographies of the most famous visual artists

 Films on the art of drawing and biographies of the most famous visual artists

           Cinema or cinema in general, and as the only seventh art close to perfection, have tried and succeeded in most cases in dealing with certain biographies of visual artists in an attempt to bring together those interested in art of the life of the most famous artists and their way of life in order to take advantage of their mistakes and expand the field of knowledge, but the strong point of films is that they If you are interested in the field of cinema, you will create a connection emotional, but even if you are not interested in a field like art, you can still appreciate the story and the drama, as well as enjoy the details of the film and the narration of the story...

Here are the most famous films dealing with the subject of art:

1 - The film Lust for Life: Everyone agrees that Vincent van Gogh is one of the most significant artists in history, owner of impressionist painting, whose brilliant coloring and methods are today now taught in the largest institutes. His life was very eventful, with poverty, illness and madness, which made his life the center of attention of the public and historians. It is enough for writers and even filmmakers that his paintings, priceless today, were not able to sell them to a few during his lifetime. , and despite the nastiness of the film, it talks about his autobiography, particularly the period of his mental illness.

   2 - The Picasso film: The title bears the name of its owner, the founder of Cubism, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, who rebelled against classicism. The film dealt with his personal life, his way of thinking about art and a set of his concepts. who were ahead of his time at the time, and his fight for the originality of his art. It is enough that the film is about one of the most prominent artists.

3 - The film Frida: One of the best films in terms of cinematography and direction, as it won and was nominated for the most important international awards. Like the artist Van Gogh, the film is about one of the most striking and strangest female artists. , Frida Kahlo, and her life full of controversies, challenges and her strange tragedy.

4 - The Modigliani film: The film is about one of the most famous artistic cities, Paris, in one of the busiest and most competitive eras in art, in addition to the life of the artist Madeo Clemente Modigliani, of his strange relationship with Picasso, and the difficulties of the artist's life at that time.

5 - The Basquiat Film: The film tells the life of graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, the artist who suffered from poverty and racism since childhood because of the color of his black skin, and the story of his rapid rise and fast. success, while being affected by a number of life factors.

     The films began to attract the attention of a group of different classes of people with different interests. Cinema gives me depth in detail and tells the story in a way that stimulates the senses of the recipient, and a biographical story about the most famous artists can create strange and educational stories that could make the seventh art more integrated with its combination of all the arts in a film-like envelope, including mixing drawing and cinema to create a wonderful digital painting.

Watching the film can help one learn more about the difficulties painters face, especially since the artist always risks his financial and moral stability for the sake of his passion and to show his art to the public, a journey what most people do. we are not witnesses, and all we witness is the success of his works and the prices at which they are sold, and we make a preconceived judgment that it is an easy and carefree life.

Films about drawing:

6 - Big Eyes Movie: If you are looking for a way to inspire your own drawing style, then this movie might interest you, as the movie is about the story of painter Margaret Keane and her beautiful drawings that border on caricature . She draws people with large, symmetrical eyes because she believes that eyes are the best way to convey feelings.

7 - The Van Gogh Passion film: It is a film about the most eminent and interesting painter, Vincent Van Gogh, as it presents his controversial life and death in a unique way of depicting them and a precedent in the field of cinema.

8 - The Pollock film: One of the most beautiful films and the most complementary between painting and cinema. The story is a biography of the painter Jackson Pollock, who is one of the pioneers of Abstract Expressionism. For those who wish to learn the dripping coloring technique, the film will be very useful, especially in the methods, methods and understanding of the programs.

9 - The film Maudie: A romantic film which tells the story of the painter Maud Lewis. The film is a biography of the painter's life and the relationship of her emotional life to her drawings.

10 - The Girl with a Pearl Earring Movie: The film tells the story of painting one of the most famous paintings, Girl with a Pearl Earring, by painter Johannes Vermeer, with a group of elite owners the most prosperous. in America, and the wonderful story of the painting is reflected in the title of the film in English translation.

11 - The film My Left Foot: The film tells the biography of the Irish artist Christy Brown and her fight against cerebral palsy which affects her entire body down to her left foot. Despite this, he struggled and learned to draw only with his The film tells the story of his life as he expressed it in his autobiography and the film won two Academy Awards.

12 - The Mr Turner Film: The film tells the life story of the artist W. Turner, one of the religious artists famous for his uniqueness in the choice of colors, and the story is a mix between his personal life, his social life and his adherence to his unique official beliefs.

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