Frida Kahlo, who had an unhappy childhood, the artist's words defending human rights, her biography and works

 Frida Kahlo, who had an unhappy childhood, the artist's words defending human rights, her biography and works

a definition :

           Frida Kahlo is an international Mexican artist, born July 6, 1907 in the suburb of Coyoacan. She experienced a difficult childhood, tossed between illness and injuries that seriously affected her psychologically, and physical injuries that led to her being bedridden for some time. year or more, so she had plenty of time to be alone with herself, to discover her identity and to research her life. His true passion is drawing

        His paralysis at the age of six and his inability to walk with the help of a corset for his right leg was the most significant change in the artist's life. The disability that accompanied her throughout her life and even affected her due to her inability to give birth. She gave birth due to the same injury. It was not the only physical suffering, but when she reached the age of 18, she was exposed to serious injury. A collision between the school bus in which she was traveling and a train left her with broken pelvises. , legs and ribs, and a concussion of three vertebrae of the spine, which caused him to have 40 operations to restore his body. These injuries forced the artist to stay in bed for a long time, ending some of his physical suffering and ushering in an era of psychological suffering. .Which I dumped into the drawing

Frida recounted each event with a painting

- Station sign

- Broken column plate

          For Frida, drawing was a tool to express her pain, her misery and her difficult childhood. She found what she was looking for and comforted herself with realistic and depressing paintings expressing what she still had in her psyche. surreal expressive imagination of his buried feelings. She did not use her imagination to escape reality, but rather confronted it and tried to overcome it and at the same time authenticate it. For the recipient and by presenting her thoughts and feelings through drawings, it indicates that the period of her injury was a turning point in her life and really contributed to the acquisition of the personality of Frida, a fighter who recognizes her beginnings and accepts his destiny.

        After discovering her tool of expression, Frida received private art lessons from one of the teachers, which allowed her to extract the theory of her drawing from the many misfortunes of her life. She used surrealism and magical realism to embody its meaning. We notice that most of his drawings represent realistic characters, but the pain is expressed visibly and not in expressions. Feelings and at the same time imaginary, this is what made his paintings recognizable without the need to see their signature, and also due to their strange expression they made his paintings the center of attention in addition to his life, which was the center of press attention.

       Frida has been an inspiration to a group of people, especially those suffering from physical problems, and we admire her drawings. His words were a source of strength, of confronting reality and of fighting to achieve a strong personality, that is why his words are full. two.

Frida Kahlo's most memorable words:

- Happy to be alive as long as I can sleep here expresses the strength of her life by facing what she fears with her imagination and continuing to imagine to face difficulties.

- I am an inspiration to myself. Here, the artist rewards herself for what she endured and sees herself as a role model to become better than she was.

- Draw flowers so that they do not die, as an expression of the content of their drawings

- Ultimately, we can endure more than we thought we could

- Choose someone who looks at you like you're a miracle.

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the scoundrels learned to swim

Frida left more than 140 paintings, 55 of her own drawings, in which she expressed her pride in herself and how she was able to persevere until her death on July 13, 1954 after suffering from illness for many months which led to his amputation. leg. Among the most famous of his two unique works are: The Broken Column, Without Pain and The Tree of Hope. .. After his death, a group of books, novels, articles and films were made because of his interesting life. , the most famous of which is the film Frida, in which actress Salma Hayek plays the role of actress and won an Oscar and a series of international awards.

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