The best pencil brands for drawing. Definition and history of pencil, its types and the best pencil brands

 The best pencil brands for drawing. Definition and history of pencil, its types and the best pencil brands

Definition and history of the pencil:

        The pen is considered every artist's basic tool and first companion and, despite its name pencil, it does not contain any lead components, but is made from a group of mixed materials, the basis of which is graphite or carbon. , mixed with clay then worked to give it a cylindrical shape. As for the name of the pencil, it refers to Until ancient times, a type of lead, or what is called lead metal, was used. Its use dates back to Greek and Roman objects, until after that manufacturers turned to graphite due to its strong lead bond, abundance, low price, ease of production and its ability to erase more, which is the most important advantage, especially for drawing and sketching. Young learners give them the ability to make mistakes and correct

There have been many attempts to improve the quality of pens, but they have always suffered from the difficulty of reconciling cohesion with maintaining the shape of the material and softness, and the closest thing to approval was l use of pure graphite.

      The invention of the pencil as we know it today is attributed to the French chemist Nicolas Jacques Comte. Immediately after combining ordinary graphite and clay, the latter noticed the cohesive strength of the materials and at the same time its softness which allows the materials to be applied to any surface with their ability to disappear. Then he discovered that manipulating the amount of materials results in different degrees of softness.

     If the invention of the wooden pencil case dates back to Joseph Dixon, he took advantage of a tool for drilling wooden boards which makes fine holes in the wood, which its inventor, William Monroe, used in his work of furniture making, to turn it into a tool for making wooden covers, because his idea was to make two parts of a cylindrical wooden shape with a thin hole in the middle. Then, adding lead rods and securing them with glue, with this simple idea, Joseph founded the first pencil factory in New York, the Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

Types of pencils We have dedicated an entire article to the role of pencil gradients and their uses.

Types of pencils and the role of their gradations

There are four types of pencils:

1 - Type F Pen: This is a medium quality pen and is not best used for drawing, but is more suitable for writing.

2 - B Pen and its grades: B Pen is called the beginning of black color, and all its grades are characterized by dark color and are capable of hiding the surface. It has 8 grades ranging from 2b to 8b, while The B Pen is considered the first grade, the later grades are used for drawing shadows.

3 - HB type pencil: This is the most commonly used pencil and the average quality of the lead. It is used for preliminary drawings or for drawing baselines. It is easy to combine with all types of pencils.

4 - H Pen and its gradients: The H Pen is called the beginning of the gray color, and all its gradients are characterized by the opening of their nuances and fail to hide the surface. It has 8 gradients ranging from 2h to 8h, while the H Pen is considered the first grade, the last grades are those used to draw light/light.

The most famous pencil manufacturers:

The quality and method of manufacturing and mixing materials and achieving the quality of manufactured materials varies from company to company, resulting in a difference in the final quality of the product. It is therefore necessary to choose reliable and international companies, especially when purchasing. from electronic sites.

- Faber Castell pens

-arteza pens

- prisma pens

- Staedtler pens

- tombow pens

- pelikan pens

- 'refined' pens

- Greta colored pens

- Camlin Kokuyo Pens

- stabilo pens

- Derwent Pens

The best fountain pen brands:

- Waterman pens

- blade pens

- rotating pens

- Mont Blanc pens

- Pentel pens

- Kaweco pens

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