The most famous paintings in the Louvre Museum, an introduction to the paintings and the reason for the high price of old paintings

 The most famous paintings in the Louvre Museum, an introduction to the paintings and the reason for the high price of old paintings

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               The most famous, largest and most important exhibition is located in France, more precisely in the capital, Paris, on the north bank of the Seine. In the past, it served as a royal protection castle. After that, successive French kings used it as their main palace, then it was abandoned, after which it was repaired and expanded to become a national museum.

              The museum contains over a million works of art, in addition to a collection of historic pieces from various barns. It is considered the most visited museum in the world due to the fame of its paintings and its uniqueness in its great historical distinction. remember that stories, novels and films contribute to one's international fame and advancement over others.

      The museum contains over a million works of art, from paintings and statues to utensils and pottery from various civilizations, such as Pharaonic designs, Islamic vases, Greek statues and many others. Among its largest departments is the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, with over fifty thousand pieces, and the Department of Islamic Arts, with over six thousand pieces. And the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities. The Louvre Museum is one of the rare exhibitions that brings together a set of civilizations and also a set of eras, the ancient era 3400 BC, the Middle Ages and the modern era. One of the oddities of the museum is that the visitor cannot see everything in one day due to the crowds and the large number of things. The exhibition is large and the venue is large, and it has facilities such as a cafe and classes. The museum is a place to introduce the younger generation to various civilizations. The museum itself is considered a tourist spot because it is a royal palace and its magnificent design, in addition to the glass pyramid which is considered the entrance to the museum.

The most famous and influential paintings:

1 - The Mona Lisa: The most famous and strangest painting is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci exhibited at the Louvre Museum, Department of Italian Paintings, Room 6.

2 - The painting “Liberty Leading the People”: The painting embodies the goddess of freedom holding both the French flag in one hand and a rifle in the other hand, leading the people towards revolution. It is a work by the artist Eugène Delacroix. The painting expresses French democracy and is considered a symbol of the latter.

3 - The Coronation of Napoleon: A painting by the painter Jacques-Louis David, my father. He was considered Napoleon's official painter. It is considered one of the largest artistic paintings, as it is ten meters long. It represents the coronation. of Napoleon as ruler and the history of this country.

4 - Painting of John the Baptist: Leonardo's painting represents Saint John in his solitude, holding a cross in his left hand, and the other hand designates what some think is paradise. Historians believe that this is the last painting that Da Vinci painted.|

5 - The painting “Intervention of the Sabines”: This is a painting by the French artist Jacques Louis and comes from the study of the mythology of Greek and Roman civilizations, which gave birth to this painting.

Other famous paintings:

- Medusa Painting

- Wedding painting in Qana

- Working Girl Painting

- Painting of Charles I

All the paintings on display are often expensive paintings, whether because of their historical relationship or because of the artist himself and his fame or the history behind the drawing of the painting or his artistic power. Most of these paintings are in the care and protection of the French state, and simply caring for these paintings and ensuring their protection requires enormous sums of money. And the management of professionals treats them with care, considering that some of them are in the public domain and others are private historical paintings which are linked to the history of France.

    Every day, artistic paintings are sold at auctions or in exhibition houses, but what is strange is the exorbitant and huge prices of some of them. It is noted that the drawings or simply the doodles of artists like Da Vinci, Picasso or Van Gogh can vary from their initial drawings to over a million dollars, based on preliminary unfinished drawings of the base and the price can double at over the years.

Reason for the price of old paintings:

            Old paintings are authenticated by experts whose mission is to identify the artist of the painting and determine its era and the story behind the painting. Often what makes the buyer pay a lot of money for a piece of art are the preceding factors, including the name. of the artist and the story behind the painting, so it completes one of the most famous paintings in the world that is priceless. The one with the highest confidence in the art world. It meets all the requirements of the Mona Lisa. First, the name of the artist, which needs no introduction. Da Vinci. Tania is the story so far. There is only speculation about the reason behind his design. All the stories are considered unique and interesting in addition to the elaborate artistic work, but to be frank, the last thing is... What is mentioned when selling an artistic painting is the style and the idea. All that matters is the name and the story. Therefore, we notice that a group of doodle paintings are sold more expensively. than what they are worth.

        If we take Van Gogh's paintings today, they are considered the most expensive, but the strange thing is that during his lifetime he could not sell most of his paintings, because at the Van Gogh's time, his style was strange in his time. The second reason is that his paintings were available, as he still produced many of them. The third reason is that he was diagnosed with insanity, so they were. The public perception is that he is a madman with paintbrushes and not a madman with paintbrushes. artist with brushes. The fourth reason is the neglect of gallery owners and investors due to his complicated personal life. As for the reason for their high prices today, it is his fame and the strange stories that the press wrote about him between madness and art. , in addition to his distinctive style, which made everyone pay attention to his drawings, which had become few in number. His name and stories are widely known and admired by all, which made his fans and investors flock to his paintings, thereby increasing their multiple interest, considering them as a historical part of his life.

      Investors or the trade in official paintings is something that has become fixed over time and is stable. As the years pass after any artist's death, their drawings will hopefully multiply, and with a little good marketing, as this is the last painting that was painted, or it was painted at a period particular aspect of the artist's life, or that it is a gift to his beloved, and many others. Promotional Stories: The first sales wish is sold at a high price. The problem is that it is sold to another investor, who in turn increases its value, so that the painting becomes an imaginary wish that contradicts logic.

Dependence of the rich on the art market, considering it a safer and more secure market than the stock market, in which money was the controller and head of the pyramid, so its financial rules and its private economy were structured according to the demands of the latter, then a large percentage of abandonment of everything artistic, considering painting as a commodity whose goal is profit rather than being for it.

False reality or false journalism. Here, the artist, their agent, or business intermediary uses the press to create false marketing for the painting, whether by writing fabricated stories to promote the name of the artist or painting. It always starts with interesting words. securities. This type of promotion is still used by religious artists. Their paintings cannot attract amateurs.

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