Watercolor Painting: Skills, Techniques and Methods. Everything you need to get started with watercolor

 Watercolor Painting: Skills, Techniques and Methods. Everything you need to get started with watercolor

a definition :

Watercolor painting is one of the oldest techniques used by man, and its uses vary, such as the religious pharaohs who used it in their identification drawings and also the talismans that protected tombs. They also used it to decorate temples and give them more details. It should also be remembered that it was used on various surfaces such as clay, utensils and wood, and that it developed over time from the Middle Ages in Europe to what it is today.

The components of watercolors have varied from one era to another, but what we know of it today is a powder that was famous among the Arabs and was discovered by the Arabs extracting it from acacia and by carrying out a long process to produce the liquid we know today, which is stored in molds, tubes or tablets.

Watercolor Painting Tools:

Water is what gives colors the ability to transform them from a powder into a substance that can adhere to a surface. It also allows them to maintain their transparency and clarity, and it can be used as a tool to reduce intensity and control color. he.

Watercolors are available in various forms, including powder, tube or liquid, from the most well-known brands: van gogh watercolor / winston wonton.

  The tools are limited to the colors themselves, which are the most important, and are divided into two:

Primary colors: These are the common colors in each box: red, blue, yellow...

Secondary Colors: These are the colors in which the primary colors are mixed with the secondary colors to obtain like green, orange, purple.

To obtain different color shades, it is mixed with white. The higher the shade of the latter, the lighter the color will be than the previous one.

Conversely, if you add black to another color, the color intensifies and becomes darker and darker.

The brush is the tool used to mix the material and the surface. It varies and varies depending on the use and strength of the mixture required in the drawing. There are different types which allow the artist a range of choices. We use soft bristles. brushes or water brushes, which are brushes that can be filled with water and colors can be applied to the hair and mixed directly.

A color palette is a solid, smooth surface that allows the painter to mix or blend colors on it. It is often made of wood.

Cardboard, which is the most commonly used surface due to its durability, must have a thicker texture and must not weigh less than 300 grams, the best known brands: Strathmore/Canson.

the basics :

  • You can start by drawing a basic pencil drawing or sketch that will serve as the basis for your drawing.
  • Master the shades of colors and take into account the coordination between them
  • Color the background and be careful not to dirty it with other colors. If you don't want the colors to reach a specific area, you can use masking fluid.
  • After that you color and start from the light details in the colors and color them completely
  • The last step is to color the dark areas taking into account the shadows and light in the light and dark areas.
  • Let the colors dry for a short time, then add the color preservation liquid or detergent.
  • If you want to draw the sketch with ink, it must be water resistant so that it does not dissolve, or draw it with a pen, then color it, then repeat it with ink.
  • When coloring in layers, make sure the first layer is dry before moving on to the next, this will help you better determine the coloring area and prevent colors from overlapping.
  • Use an external sheet of paper to test the color, cleaning the brush well between each color

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