What are technical drawing tools? Image-defined technical drawing tools

What are technical drawing tools? Image-defined technical drawing tools

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Technical drawing witnessed the evolution and differences between each civilization and the other, from Islamic civilization to Roman civilization and others... There was a big difference between tools, techniques and methods. However, at that time the design was not based on huge calculations, but rather it was based on the method of trial and learn, but this did not prevent the emergence of thoughtful engineers who validated their calculations in heritage buildings that survive to this day. The most significant period for the development of technical drawing remains the Renaissance era, when the mixture of art and science became famous at that time, which contributed to the development of engineering and the learning art, like the engineer Abraham van den Block and Elias Hall... and one of the most famous religious painters who combined drawing with engineering was Leonardo da Vinci. At that time, Germany was the country with enormous development and the leader in this field because the most famous engineers of the time were of German nationality, and the buildings are still proof of this, especially those that followed the reflection of light and expansion of shadow you will find in every German city. These engineers and the religion before them left us an intellectual wealth that we learn from generation to generation and that we learn from the environment of our nature in order to be well informed, and despite all this evolution that we know today, it remains modest in relation to what is expected of him in the future.

Technical drawing tools:

Most of the tools used are ancient and come from different scholars and civilizations, with development keeping pace with our current times, but they do not differ much.

- Pencils or mechanical pencils, I have already referred to articles explaining these.

- The mechanical pencil, its uses and the best-known brands

- Types of pencils

- Drawing papers and their types

- Professional drawing tools

- Drawing board: The easel serves as a support for the drawing paper and a group of furniture is attached to it, the length and width of which depend on the paper used and which contains all possible dimensions.

- Graph paper: It is a grid paper that helps in drawing lines and shapes

- Mini draftsman: It is a multifunctional tool that contains two arms that can be moved to any angle, to which two rulers are attached, both of which contain a set of sizes. It is a fixed tool that can be moved and is used to draw various lines, including horizontal, vertical, oblique, angle and parallel...

   - t - square: The T-shaped ruler is often used to draw long, asymmetrical lines on the horizontal plane. It has many other uses and has different lengths between small and large, measured in cm.

The protractor and its role in drawing and measuring the angles of the lines in the drawing have a center point and a slope of 0 to 180°, and the line is a measure of angles.

- Compass: The compass allows you to draw circles and diameters with precise dimensions. It is usually made of steel and consists of two legs, one of which has a needle and the other contains a ring, in which a miniature pen is placed.

- Divider: The divider is very similar to the divider, except that instead of the pen loop, it contains needles in both feet which are used to divide a line or curve into equal parts and are used to check the sizes.

- squares: The square is used to determine angles and draw lines at a specific angle, such as 30, 60, 90 degrees, etc. The two best known available are 30 and 60 degrees, which have a length of 25 cm. , and 45 degrees have a side of 25 cm.

- Drawing templates: These are plastic or wooden boards... containing spaces in the form of specific shapes that facilitate the process of drawing a group of shapes. They also constitute a rule.

- tracing gauge: a measuring ruler that contains all possible sizes

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