What are 3D animation? Animation CGI and how it is valid for its creation, CGI Animation

 What are 3D animation? Animation CGI and how it is valid for its creation, CGI Animation

 What is 3D animation:

CG animation is a type of computer created by computer (CGI) which uses motion capture technology to create realistic human movements. The term "CGI" refers to the use of infographic as well as other ways, such as live movement and movement animation. The term "CGI" was written by Rick Chaink in 1984, who worked on the film Tron. He wanted to refer to the new type of animation that was produced at the time, which used computers instead of traditional film technologies. The name has been stuck and has been widely used since then.

CGI animation is a process that uses computer graphics to create 3D characters, objects and environments. It is also known as two 3D dimensions. The CGI animation is used in many different industries, including video, films, television programs and advertisements. CGI is a popular technique to move the characters because it allows you to create real movements without needing to design each movement from zero. The results are often more flexible and realistic than traditional animation methods. The term "CGI" refers to "IT" originally, but over time, it has become indicating any type of images or videos created by the computer because no real movement is included in its creation .

Animation CGI and how it is valid for its creation:

CGIS is created using a 3D modeling program such as Maya or 3DS Max, then it is converted into a photo file which can be displayed on the screen or printed. The CGI animation is different from traditional animation in that it uses a program to create images instead of manually designed drawings. The computer program generates each frame from a mobile scene alone; There is no need for several animated artists or painters who work together.

The CGI animation is used in all types of films, including traditional and digital. CGI Animated Painter creates images using a program like Maya, 3D Studio Max or Adobe After Effects for data processing such as woven models or pictures spread out by photo. Photoshop animated designer can also use a texture on clothes or other objects that will be moved later in this process.

The main characteristic of the use of CGI on traditional ways is that it allows filmmakers to create realistic scenes without needing to rely on live clips from the photography of actors and actresses themselves (this which can be expensive). CGI also allows filmmakers to create all kinds of scenes they want from a simple animation like clouds that move in the sky (which is generally observed in children's animation), to complex photos such as Battles between giant monsters using swords and metal shields instead of a paper cutter

Genesis 3D animation:

CGIs can be used in any type of project, from the displacement of children's offers to brands for brands such as McDonald's or Coca-Cola. In fact, there are more than 50 different types of CGI! The CGI animation has been used in films since the late 1960s, but it has not become very popular before the history of the Pixar toy. CGI is often used for special effects in films, such as explosions or bullets heading for the camera. It can also be used for things like vehicles or buildings that move in space without having physical presence on the screen.

CGI was present since the first days of computer animation, but it has already started in the 1990s. It was used to create many unforgettable characters created by computer in films, notably Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and Yoda in Star Wars. Today, CGI animation is one of the most common forms of animation because it allows producers to create a large number of realistic characters that can be used at almost any end (including educational media or social).

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