Drawing a mannequin step by step. How to draw a mannequin

 Drawing a mannequin step by step. How to draw a mannequin

What is a model drawing?

Drawing a mannequin is the first step in any project before getting into the practical work of sewing, coordinating, etc. This typical shape of a mannequin serves as the basis for the drawing. It says a lot about your design, including the initial idea or whatever. you want the end result to be. It's like a map of the desired goal, and it also shows in approximate dimensions. What is required and several things, like the length of the width and when it ends on the hands and feet, are details that help when designing and even help the tailor or participant in the process. Often the design is performed on a wooden or plastic mannequin with realistic dimensions.

The model is the embodiment of size 0 in the fashion world, the thinnest that models can achieve and the smallest size in US sizes, which is equivalent to xxs or 30 in the stomach and hips, and in international size what is called the ideal body in the fashion world, although it is a size that is not used realistically and very few girls appreciate it. It has been suggested that models have a hard time using it, as it is considered dangerous and has been the cause of the deaths of several models. Despite this, it is still used.

The reason the model is thin is to show off her height, because the thinner the model is, the taller she appears than she actually appears. Additionally, the clothes take on an undulating shape with the body, which makes them more exciting. makes the eye focus more on the clothes than the body and makes the clothes appear larger. Regardless of size, slimming helps create a vision of the beginning and end of any garment and show off details and accessories.

Does drawing a model require drawing talent?

In general, fashion design does not require great talent in drawing, because the one who possesses it has a more powerful weapon than the other, and the creative possibilities are more aesthetic and the color coordination is greater. The artist applies his ideas and has an easier time coming to unique designs than an amateur who will struggle to arrive at the appropriate design or whatever. It occurs to him that talent is not a solid thing to rely on when designing fashion clothes.

Does drawing a mannequin require formal knowledge?

Drawing a fashion model does not require strong formal knowledge, but drawing fashion requires formal knowledge, and many of the greatest painters in international fashion houses are the designers there, and they are the most in demand and successful, from even more so today it is difficult. separate art from fashion, especially as it has become more serious than before. Artistic knowledge is necessary, and by that we mean a good choice of shades, harmony of colors and an orientation towards aesthetics rather than efficiency, especially in design, which is the priority. current fashion.

How to draw a mannequin:

The common method for drawing a mannequin online is the sketch method. In general, it is very difficult for beginners and may not provide any real benefit. It has no specific size and is sold as a free drawing for professionals. It is a normal drawing method that teaches you something useful and can save you a lot of time, while the most suitable method is Using calculations on paper to extract the mannequin in a professional way s 'performed by using the calculations on the paper and then dividing it. Then using the calculations in all places, which creates harmony between the two sides. After that, preliminary divided lines are used to define the head, hand and other body parts. The body design remains to appear more aesthetic. As shown in the illustration


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