Is art a need, a means or a requirement? What is art?

 Is art a need, a means or a requirement? What is art?

 Is art a need or a means?

Art is both a requirement and a means. It's a demand because it's something people want to consume. The audience is the artist, and it is their demands that push the artist to create. But it is also a means, because it is not only a question of responding to these requests; It’s about creating a work that elicits an emotional response from the audience in order to create more demand for the next work of art.

Art is a way of communicating ideas and feelings. It can be used as a means of communication, but it can also be used as a request, that is, it can be used to get people to think certain things or feel certain things in a certain way . But it also requires people to buy it and consume it. This is because if you don't have money, you can't buy art or anything else. If you don't have money, you won't be able to feed yourself or shelter yourself, how will you survive? So I think art is a requirement, but it also has a purpose.

Is art a demand?

Art is the expression of a request. It is an expression of the artist's desire to be seen and heard. When we see art, we see the artist doing his work, which means he must have something to do with it. This is what makes art compelling: it’s not just something that exists in the world, but something that someone created for other people. Art is a means of communication. It is a tool used to express yourself and your thoughts, as well as to share them with others. Art is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed by all parties involved; This cannot be “requested” or “expected” in any way.

Most people don't create art for themselves, but for others or as part of an art movement that has existed for centuries. This is why I think we must talk about “art” in terms of “demand” and not “means”.

Is art a means?

Art is a means to an end. It's not something you do because you love it, it's something that helps you accomplish other things. Maybe it's a way to improve your work and make more money, or maybe it's a way to connect with friends or loved ones by sharing your appreciation for the arts. Art can be used as a medium when it helps us understand something better or express ourselves better. Art can also be used as an object. It can be used as an object of beauty that captivates our imagination and makes us happy, sad, excited, calm, etc., it all depends on how much we invest in the artwork itself.

Art is a means of expression because it has a special power to communicate with people. You can't walk up to someone and say, "Hey, look at this thing I made!" » You have to show them your business before they can understand it. In other words, art is communication through creativity. It's not just about sharing your thoughts or feelings with others; It’s about expressing it through physical objects.

Art is also a medium because it has practical applications that allow us to connect with other members of our community. For example, if you are going on vacation and want to show your friends where you are staying, you can use art as an indicator of where you are staying. It would be impossible for everyone at your destination to know all the places you've stayed before (and even if they knew all of these places, they wouldn't necessarily remember them all). But if you use art as a method of communication, if you draw an illustration of a room or two of each place, it will give them an understanding of the place you are visiting, rather than telling them where you are staying, they will have an idea of the place you are visiting. what kind of place it was!

It’s not something you do to get something out of it. Art can be its own reward. You can love creating art and appreciate when others do the same. You can even create art for other people, which is great if they like it! But the most important thing is that art should not be used to extract anything from it at all. It's just a fun and creative expression, but maybe it's also a way to show off your skills, talents or interests?

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