Is art a waste of time? Is it possible to do without art?

 Is art a waste of time? Is it possible to do without art?

If you're talking about painting or sculpture, of course. These are all art forms that take time to create and require patience and skill to execute successfully. Let me ask you this: If there was a way to objectively measure the value of art, say, by comparing how long it took someone to create something with how much money they have for it taken, wouldn't we all agree that music would be more valuable than painting?

When is art a waste of time?

Art is a waste of time because we don't view it as an insult to people who create art for themselves. We view this as an insult to people who make art for other people – those who try to fool people into believing that what they are doing is real art when in reality it is not. This is just another form of manipulation or deception.

This is a question that has been asked several times, but in my opinion it is not the right question. The right question is: what kind of art do you make? Most people make art with the intention of being artistic. But I think if you want to make art, you have to be artistic. If your goal is to create something beautiful and meaningful, don't be afraid to put in the hours, just like any other skill or craft. And don’t worry about whether it’s “worth it” or not, because at the end of the day, your work will be what matters most!

I believe that for art to be good, you have to have a good idea, then execute it well. I don't think that's really possible with just anyone. You need someone who has talent, who understands how to write, how to draw, how to paint, and then you need someone who can execute that. So if you want to put something together without having all that in place, I don't think it's very good art at all.

The only thing I have to watch out for is when someone's art becomes a distraction from their daily responsibilities or obligations. It can be easy for an artist to lose focus on what's truly important in life when they spend all their time creating something beautiful instead of doing their job well or taking care of their family. But if you're sure your goal is to create something beautiful out of love for the world around you, it's not a waste of time.

Is art a waste of time?

Art is not a waste of time because we don’t view it as a criticism of someone who spends hours perfecting their craft. We hear this as a criticism of someone who spends hours perfecting their craft but has no idea why they do it. If you've ever visited an art gallery, you know this isn't true. It's like any other form of entertainment: it can be fun, but it's also something that will likely be a waste of time if you're not careful. Art can be a waste of time if it gives you too much of what you want or not what you need. For example, if your art isn't challenging enough or doesn't help you grow as an artist, it's probably not worth investing your time and energy. But if it challenges you, helps you grow as an artist, and opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives that broaden your perspective on the world around us, then maybe it's worth the investment after all !

Is it possible to do without art?

Art is about the things that are worth having, even if it seems like it’s not “worth” anything at all. First, art teaches us about ourselves and our world in ways that books and movies never can. It teaches us to see things differently, or even better! It’s something we learn every day as we explore new things in life and try to understand how they work. Finally, art gives us access to a whole world of creative expression that we don't get from any other source and thus helps us feel connected to other human beings on a different level than any other source can. can do it for us.

When you create art, you think about the things that matter to you. You express what you think is beautiful, interesting or important. And when you share your work with others, it connects people on a deeper level, because they can connect to what it means to them even if they don't agree with everything in it. the work. It's hard to get perspective on art because it exists outside. of our normal reality. We don't interact with art the same way we interact with other people or things; We don't see it every day like we do with the people around us or with our possessions. This is why we need more opportunities to experience art, because then we can understand how it makes us feel and how it inspires us to create something new ourselves!

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