The history of art and its beginnings ? How was art born? How was art born?

The history of art and its beginnings ? How was art born? How was art born?

The origins of art:

The art began with the first cave paintings made by Homo sapiens around 30,000 years ago. At that time, humans lived in caves. The first cave paintings are thought to have been inspired by animals they saw outside their caves. Art began with the development of the eye. The art has always been there. Since the dawn of time, people have been creating and sharing their work. But how was art born?

Art, the human capacity to express oneself through creativity, has existed since the dawn of civilization. It's no surprise that art began there: we're committed to it.

The history of art and its beginnings:

The eye is an organ that allows humans to see, and therefore constitutes an innate ability. Early humans certainly had this ability, but it wasn't until humans developed tools such as fire and stone tools that they were able to begin creating art. Perhaps the earliest forms of art were cave paintings, used by early humans to mark their territory and communicate with other tribe members. They are believed to have been created from natural pigments such as ocher or charcoal.

Most works of art were made by primitive people who did not know how to use tools. To create their work, they must sketch or sketch directly on something with their fingers. Or, they use sharp tools such as knives or sticks to carve symbols into stone and other materials like wood.

The next step in human art was the use of artificial pigments to paint walls or ceilings, which occurred around 6500 BC in what is now Iraq. These early artists may have used paint made from flowers such as red ocher or cochineal alizarin, while later paints derived from minerals such as iron oxide (rust).

A few thousand years later, a new type of artistic medium appeared: sculpture. Sculpture involves creating three-dimensional objects from materials such as stone or clay. This type of art has continued through today's contemporary artists who use many different materials in their work.

Reasons for the emergence of art:

The reasons for the emergence of art are numerous, but they can be divided into:

Art is a way of expressing feelings or feelings.

Art is a way to communicate with others.

Art is an aesthetic experience.

First, humans have always been visual creatures. We see things, we see them in our heads and we think about them. This is why art is important to us: it helps us interact with the world around us and gives us a language with which to express ourselves and our feelings.

Second, humans have always had a need for beauty. From cave paintings to ancient Egyptian burial mounds, people have looked for ways to make their surroundings more beautiful by adding color, texture, or even beauty itself (like feathers). Art is just another way for people to impose their will on the world around them to make it more attractive.

And perhaps most importantly, art has always been created by humans for other humans. Whether it's a cave painting, a statue of a god, or simply an image in someone's mind that they want to show to others, art exists because someone one decided it had to exist.

Art is a form of communication. We use it to share our thoughts with others - to show them what we feel or think and to allow them to see how we feel about something or what we think about something. I think that’s why people like me love learning art: it helps us connect with other people who feel the same way.

The reasons for the emergence of art among the artists themselves are varied. Some say they just needed to create something beautiful, while others believe that art is a reflection of human nature and its ability to express emotions. Still others think that art is just a way of expressing yourself through images and words. No one denies that art has played a major role in our lives for thousands of years. Whether you're an artist or not, there's something about looking at beautiful things that makes us feel good inside – and it's this feeling that makes us want to share our creations with others.

Some people think that art was born from religion. Many ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians, believed that gods and spirits were responsible for creating the world around them. In order for these gods to create things like animals, plants, and even humans, they needed the help of other beings who could help them achieve their goals. This help came in the form of artistic representation. The Egyptians believed that if they were able to create images of gods and goddesses, these images would bring them luck and prosperity.

This belief continued in Greek mythology where artists were considered immortal beings living alongside the gods themselves. These artists painted battle scenes or other important events to show what was happening on earth at a given time so that humans could understand what was happening in the sky above them!

Art also emerged during this period due to religious beliefs, but also for social reasons such as telling stories by writing or drawing pictures on walls, which allowed people of all societies

Humans create art for many reasons: to decorate themselves and their homes, to communicate with others, and to express their feelings. In the early days of human settlement on Earth, art was used as a way to communicate with each other about important life events – such as birth or death – and also as a way to show what life was like at that time .

Today, there are countless artistic styles and media, from painting to architecture, sculpture, photography, and video games, and that's just the beginning!

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