Types of street art, street art and its characteristics, street art

 Types of street art, street art and its characteristics, street art

Definition of street art:

Street artists create their works on the street or in public spaces as a form of expression. They can be for-profit or not-for-profit and typically use spray paint, markers, chalk, or other similar materials to create their artwork. This can be considered a form of public art. It has become popular in recent years, with many artists creating pieces intended to be seen by the general public.

Characteristics of street art:

Street art can take many forms, including paintings and sculptures made from materials such as cement, wood or metal. It is also found in other media such as photography and digital media. Street art can be permanent or temporary in nature, but is often created to be seen by those passing by or living nearby. Street art is often used to express political opinions, promote events, advertise products and services or simply to make people smile.

Street artists are generally people who have great freedom to express themselves. So they create art that reflects their own interests and experiences. They can draw animals or other things they like, or simply draw what they see around them. Street artists are often seen as rebels because they do not follow any rules in their work; Instead, they do what they want! Some common themes among street artists include political messages, social commentary, and personal expression.

Street art is the most important type of art because it is accessible to everyone. You don't need a gallery or museum to see street art, it can be anywhere, whether on a building or wall, on the ground or in the air (like in the clouds ). There are different types of street art, but here are some common types:

Types of street art:

There are different types of street art!

You can find digital art and street art in almost any form, from traditional to modern. There are also many different styles that can be found on the street, from graffiti to stencils, paintings and photos. Here are some of the most popular types of street art:

Graffiti: Graffiti is a form of art that involves writing or drawing on buildings, trains, bridges, cars, etc. This is usually done by marking the walls of public places such as buildings and subways using spray paint or markers. Graffiti artists tend to use lettering styles inspired by hip-hop culture and comic books. You can find many types of graffiti around the world, from elaborate works on trains and buses in New York to smaller works near schools in Chicago or San Francisco.

Stencils: Stencils are similar to graffiti but made from 2D images instead of 3D objects like buildings or trains (or even people!). They are often used for murals covering entire walls in galleries or other public spaces where artists want their works to be seen by large numbers of people at once.

Pop Culture Art: Pop culture art is based on something everyone knows about the faces of musical artists on records or the names of movie stars on buildings. They can take many forms, including posters and album covers.

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