What is duplex paper? Uses of duplex paper in art, duplex paper

 What is duplex paper? Uses of duplex paper in art, duplex paper

What is duplex paper:

Duplex paper is one type of paper that has two sides, one for printing and the other for writing. It is used in several ways, including printing documents, printing stickers, envelopes and writings on both sides with a pencil or pencil. Double paper is a type of paper that has two surfaces. One side of the paper is smooth, the other side is tight or pattern. It is commonly used in art to create patterns on one side while allowing the other side to be soft and white. This can be useful to create a fabric in your art, as well as to mix colors together.

Duplex paper is a type of paper composed of two different types of fibers. One side of the paper is in white cotton fibers, while the other side has a soft texture. Two -sided print paper can be used in several ways, but it is more common in the printing and drawing design. Thomas Edison was invented for the first time in 1885. His name was "double impression", which means to print on my two faces at the same time. Initially, the two -sided printing was only manually, but there are now machines that can be automatically printed on both sides.

One way to use duplexes is to use it as an artistic support, as it can be used to create combined images and other arts. This can be used for art that requires shade, such as the example above. You can also use it to create a paint effect similar to water. You can use double paper for drawing, coloring, writing, etc.! It is easy to handle it and does not fade quickly as the normal paper does.

Duplex uses in art:

Duplex paper can be used in art to create an illusion in depth or in perspective. You can use it to create an illusion depth by placing one piece on the other, like when you have a photo with someone above someone in the same scene. You can also use double paper to create a false perception of perspective by placing one part on the other, but at different heights. For example, if there is one tree from a distance and another tree in front of it, you can use double paper to represent the two trees from each other at different altitudes (as if they were dealing with each other) .

Another reason why you may want to use duplex paper on two sides is the effects of the fabric. Since it contains two soft layers and the other rough, you can apply a texture to your artistic surface using water colors or other supports. It is often used in art because it is used to create complexes and other mixed media projects. It can also be used for art history projects, such as the identification of different art models or how artists use their means to express themselves.

It is often used in art to create a two -sided effect, where one side is printed and the other is empty. The empty side can be used to draw, stick or write images with pens or signs (so that the work of art is far from you). It is used to print envelopes, invitations, greeting cards and more. Due to its two -sided nature, it can be used to add effects such as shade and mix to your works. You can also use double paper to create a texture in your work by folding it or below.

This is useful for artists who wish to make a large number of copies of their works, or for those who create illustrations in a digital environment where the need for several impressions can be expensive. The paper is generally available in two sizes of paper such as the size of the message and the legal size, but some printers also offer two -sided printing options for smaller sizes if that's what you need. The double printing is often made using an ink printer, specially designed for this.

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