A site that turns any drawing into reality? Drawing with artificial intelligence

 A site that turns any drawing into reality? Drawing with artificial intelligence

It's not just about making computers do things we can't do ourselves; It's also about finding new ways to get humans to work together in creative and productive ways. For example, researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a system called Sketch Metademolab that allows drawings to be placed directly in the real world using a webcam and computer mouse.

sketch metademolab website:

sketch metademolab is a system capable of visualizing a freehand drawing and creating a 3D model from it. The tool uses deep learning techniques to recognize different objects in an image, such as chairs or cups, and then uses that information to create an accurate 3D model. After training on thousands of images, Sketch Metademolab can now identify thousands of additional objects on its own in real time.

This isn't just any old 3D printer. It is actually made up of several modules, each with its own task: one scans your drawing, one creates an image from this data and the other creates supports for these parts as you print them (as columns or thick pieces). . The final step is to add color to everything so you get a real work of art instead of just doodling on paper.

The idea behind the program is simple: you can draw the shape of an object or shape in any image editor (like Photoshop) and then upload it to their website where they will analyze it and will turn it into a real version of what is happening. You drew. Simply choose an option from their menu at https://sketchmetademolab.com/what-you-can-do/, upload your design and customize some settings if necessary, then click "Create", which will create a link to share with others. who wants copies of what your creation looks like in this new model - let's say someone asks for a copy? Just send them here: https://sketchmetademolab.com/

How to use artificial intelligence to draw:

If you want to experience the magic of AI, try drawing with polygons. It's free and easy! Simply choose a graphic from the list below (or upload an image), then click "Draw." You can also choose from six different types of designs: line art, triangles, circles and squares; Or fill in colors and shapes.

Once you've chosen the canvas size and style for your image transformation project - whether it's a simple grid square or something more complex, click "Let's Get Started!" You will then see your work rendered by the Polygons algorithm in 3D geometry. The end result will appear on screen as if it were created by hand with pencils dipped in ink or watercolors applied directly to paper.

The program takes drawings of common objects and determines their shapes, textures and lighting, allowing you to place them directly in the real world. For example, if you draw an apple on paper, this will give you a model of an apple that exists in 3D space with lighting effects applied based on your drawing. You can also add animation to make it appear to move

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