Definition of colors in drawing, their meanings and types, and the meaning of black in detail

 Definition of colors in drawing, their meanings and types, and the meaning of black in detail

a definition  :

Any work of art devoid of coloring is considered an incomplete work, and this is because the latter is considered an expressive language that allows the painter to convey his feelings and emotions, which affects us as fans of his paintings , this is why we create a feeling with the colors that fill us in our psychological states. The colors are chosen with great care so that they correspond to the artistic work and what it means. The artist wants to convey feelings, but you have to know that each color has several meanings, so we do not limit them to a single meaning, like black, which can be defined as sadness or sadness, and at the same time time it can express mystery and elegance, or it can express power and prestige, and what makes you understand what is meant to be conveyed is the painting and its divisions in terms of characteristics or other colors, or if it is consistent with one of the themes, the background or the type of school used, and from all these factors we build a vision of what the artist wants. to authenticate.

You can also rely on your feeling, your desire and your psychological state, which is one of the things that makes people who are not interested in art buy paintings that connect them emotionally with them through a group of colors. major studies on colors and how they affect us and on eternal conflict. Does nature have the same colors we see, or is it the device? Al-Basri is the one making two changes, and both sides have evidence and evidence that it is not possible to be certain of one or the other.

 Colors are divided into two basic types: red, blue, and yellow. By mixing these colors in a binary or multiple manner, we obtain secondary colors such as green, orange or others. There are the neutral colors we mentioned, including black. and white, which are often used as primary colors or to obtain gradients of other colors.

Color theory originated with Sir Charles Lemicus of England and appeared in the writings of Leon Battista Alberti and in Da Vinci's notebook. However, color theory actually began and became famous in the hands of Isaac Newton, as he simplified it and discovered the phenomenon of dissipation. of light as he studied the light of the sun and its forms, and his discovery came as he observed the rays of the sun.

The phenomenon of light dissipation in drawing:

It is defined as the way in which white light penetrates a surface to achieve three results.

The light is completely reflected...

It completely absorbs light...

One part is reflected and the other is absorbed...

The emergence of multiple colorful colors occurred when light penetrated a surface, and they were captured by a prism or placed experimentally, this is called the phenomenon of light scattering .

This reduced the colors to two columns, and they were split into almost everything.


Cold hot

Harmonious/not harmonious

This helps the artist to influence the recipient or viewer by touching their feelings through colors, so that the full expression of calm feelings is approached through cool colors like blue...

Each color and the sensation it gives to humans has been classified separately

-The green color indicates nature and everything that belongs to it

-Yellow color indicates activity and vitality

-Black color indicates sadness

 As for base colors, these are the colors from which the remaining colors can be extracted. These colors are often extracted from the base components and are not mixed with each other.


The remaining colors are considered extracted, and the primary colors are combined to obtain them

Definition of color meanings:

Each color has its own character, meaning and uses, and we will present the most important and most used by artists.

Color Red: It is often used to express energy and emotion, especially sincerity or love. It can also express a personality of leadership or ownership, or express narcissism and piety. Most artists try to remove it from the image of blood, war or anger. to turn it into positivity, and it is widely used in brutal school.

Blue: The color of sincerity, psychological comfort, calmness and honesty. It is often used to express a responsible, self-confident, peaceful and psychologically stable personality.

Orange: It is often used to express health or energy, but its best known use remains to express enthusiasm, the strength of patience, and overcoming crises, that is to say an expression of struggle or of fight.

Green: The color of nature, the color of renewal, and the color of peace and relaxation. It is often used to express peaceful personalities, resurgent things or renewable energies.

Yellow Color: The color of psychological anxiety, disorder, cowardice, or caution. It is often used to express psychological problems or to express a state of dawn or a hope of emerging from a crisis. It is often used in the expressive school.

Violet: It is the color of creativity, dignity or wisdom. It is often used to express the strength of harmony between reason and emotion, and between thought, activity and personality strengthened by altruism.

The color black in drawing, its meaning and its uses

a definition  :

 Black is the darkest or darkest color. This is due to its ability to absorb all light. It is formulated abstractly as a color, but in reality it is devoid of color. The correct definition is a shadow or darkness. What we notice in Drawing is that it is often used to define hue, its literal meaning is white and it has no inverse. The opposite of white is gray, which takes away its characteristics, while black has no opposite.

Characteristics of the black color:

The color black has several characteristics that are expressed in conventional ways. It expresses evil because of people's fear of things they cannot see. It is a psychological expression that can also express concealment or concealment. The artist often uses it in an attempt to show mystery in their paintings. Black also indicates the highest authority or controlling authority, for this reason. Usually worn by leaders...

Contrary to what some people think, especially today, the color black in Antiquity, especially in the Middle Ages, was a sign of elegance and sophistication. It was reserved for kings and the upper classes of society, which led artists to use it. , particularly in the personal drawings of the bourgeoisie of this period. You will notice that most old paintings are painted with the predominance of black in particular.

Moreover, according to historians, black was the first color used for drawing, and it is in the oldest animal drawings in the history of mankind in the Ascaux cave located in France, where charcoal and manganese oxide powder were used to draw them. , despite the presence of colors from plants...

   Furthermore, most religious people considered the color black to be a symbol of strength and greatness, as well as a symbol of communication with the underworld, i.e. the dead, resulting in wall designs in tombs, either for protection or rationalization purposes, particularly among the Egyptians and Greeks...

As for the expression of loneliness or mental illness, it results from the fact that most mental illnesses, especially killers, were famous for their way of hiding and remaining out of sight using black clothing. Some painters adopted color in their paintings that expressed them and their stories, and it was intended to convey the artist's messages and vision for that character, until the personality was blended. To the public on the artist's thoughts and project onto them the idea of unity and isolation.

The use of black color in art is often for aesthetics and elegance. As we mentioned at the beginning, the painter always looks for the darkest or darkest color in his drawings to create the best gradient and next texture, which makes him turn to black.

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