Films about art and painting, the most famous documentary film about fine arts, a film about painting

 Films about art and painting, the most famous documentary film about fine arts, a film about painting

   The Seventh Art We have always been enchanted by films that talk about art in general or biographies of painters and celebrities, and it is an effective way to tell stories and bring artists to life. We have always had a passion and curiosity for their way of life. and what they suffered to reach this position. Movies are an effective way to convey feelings, especially since they use all the senses to explore them. The experience makes it more distinctive than other arts, and it is also considered a luxury in which many can relax. at home and spend time watching

We previously featured an article titled "Films about the art of drawing and biographies of the most famous visual artists" and there you will only find a mix of old and modern films, while we review the latest films, documentaries and biographies in which you will find what arouses your curiosity about artists and gives you great benefit and artistic pleasure.

Films on art and drawing:

Banksy's Most Wanted Documentary:

The work is directed by Shimson Halle, Laurent Richard and Aurelia Rouvier. The story is about a journalist telling the story of the most famous artist of our time, the darkest in history, Banksy, Robin Hood of the art world and an attempt to decipher who is Banksy. The documentary features exclusive and archival footage, interviews and reports on the art icon's path to rise. The most famous street in history and how it influences culture, politics and many global issues.

Marcel Duchamp's documentary The Art of the Possible:

The work is directed and written by Matthew Taylor, and it is a documentary film that examines one of the most influential artists in his unique manner and philosophy on the art world. The art reviews the development of Duchamp. The documentary reviews the opinions of a large group of international art historians and scholars, which makes it very useful and shows wonderful different opinions on... Art in general

Surviving Picasso Film:

Directed by James Ivory and starring Anthony Hopkins as Pablo Picasso, and inspired by the biography of Picasso written by Ariana Stassinopoulos Huffington, the film tells the story through the eyes of his lover, Françoise Gilot, and the events highlight the personal history of Pablo Picasso. life far from his artistic life. It also highlights the strangeness of Picasso's personality and his way of thinking and thinking. Its relationship with its environment

Eternity's Gate movie:

Directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Willem Dafoe, the film focuses on the artist Van Gogh's final years and most difficult period, financially poor and artistically wealthy, and is inspired by his autobiography. Van Gogh's life is considered one of the strangest things that an artist and a person in general can undergo, psychological suffering and social humiliation. Physical humiliations and artistic failure for no specific reason. One of the most successful artists in history lived unknown and poor.

The painter and the film thief:

A documentary film directed by Benjamin Rhee. One of the strangest art stories involves an artist and her thief, artist Kiseltova Barbora, who befriended the Norwegian thief who stole two of her paintings from an art gallery in Oslo.

Modigliani film:

A film directed by Mick Davis. The story revolves around Paris 1919 and focuses on the period of competition between the most talented artists of their time, Pablo Picasso, and Italian artist Amido Modigliani.

And the museum in my town:

Directed by Jennifer Trainer, around the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the largest museums in the world and the largest contemporary art museum, the documentary tells the story of modern works of art.

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