The strangest information about the Louvre Museum, facts about the Louvre Museum

 The strangest information about the Louvre Museum, facts about the Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is the most famous artistic monument in the world, which contains the most important works. Suffice it to say that it is the stronghold of the most barren painting for visitors, the Mona Lisa, which alone can attract thousands of visitors. Imagine if we added pieces of all the monuments, whether Egyptian, Roman or other, and other types of art including painting and many others. Its location and quality also contribute to its reputation, as it is located in one of the cities and also in the most tourist area in the world, the right bank of the Seine, in the province of Paris.

Is the Louvre Museum the largest museum in the world?

The Louvre Museum is the largest artistic institution in the world, with an area of 72,735 square meters

How many visitors does the Louvre museum welcome?

The Louvre Museum receives around eight million visitors each year, or around 15,000 visitors per day, making it superior in terms of tourism to other countries.

Picasso had an exhibition at the Louvre Museum?

On the occasion of Picasso's ninetieth birthday, he celebrated it by organizing an exhibition at the Louvre Museum. He is one of the few religious artists whose works are exhibited at the museum during their lifetime.

Who owns the Louvre Museum?

The museum is owned by the French government and 60 percent of the museum's funding comes from the restoration of works which require specialists and require huge funding, while the rest of the funding is divided into ticket sales, donations, programs and sponsorship agreements. funding.

Nazi attacks on the Louvre museum?

One of the strangest stories about the Louvre Museum is that ten days before the German invasion of France, Jack Gaugard was somehow able to save the artwork and hide it sending the equivalent of 3,690 works of art after packaging them and sending them by 200 trucks to several safe locations. We do not yet know where they are heading. The success of the operation alone was a miracle for several reasons, the most important of which is that Hitler was a lover of art and aimed to monopolize any work of art, regardless of its value. He even founded a special battalion for this work. The success was low and the operation alone is difficult to implement, so how could it be carried out in secret, which raises the question that most other museums were subsequently seized or even destroyed. Some say companies got lucky

Louvre and ghosts:

Many visitors have mentioned seeing ghosts inside the museum, but the most famous is the Red Ghost, which many of them have claimed to have seen in the Tuileries Gardens, to the point that it has been speculated that t was not a ghost, but the spirit of one of the mummies called Belphegor, and many turned to fictional stories.

The glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum:

Designed by Chinese architect Im Pei, it is 21 meters high and has complemented the building since the 1980s, inside the main square, and will serve as the entrance to the museum.

How many works of art are there in the Louvre Museum?

The Louvre has around 380,000 works of art

Paintings section

Department of Egyptian Antiquities

Middle East Department

Department of Islamic Art

Department of Sculpture

Department of Decorative Arts

Department of Greek Antiquities

Department of Roman Antiquities

Department of Etruscan Antiquities

Publications Department

The origin of the Louvre museum building?

When built, the Louvre Museum was designed to be the fortress and citadel of Philip II between the 12th and 13th centuries, and was later given over to by a group of French presidents.

The origins of the Louvre Museum:

The creation of the museum, as it is called today, took place in 1793, on August 10.

How much do you need to see everything the Louvre has to offer, piece by piece?

The time it will take for each mission to see each work for 30 seconds and to complete them all is 100 days, without interruption or interruption.

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