How to make paper look old? Turn paper into waste paper

 How to make paper look old? Turn paper into waste paper

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There are many reasons why the desire to obtain ancient papers such as those used in the centuries of Mazah, whether for many artistic uses such as writing poems, uses in the auditorium, in cinema or for visual displays, using them as cards for parties or to sell. The purpose of the reason varies, but the experience of obtaining them of course remains a unique and enjoyable experience. The paper should have special characteristics, such as a distinctive orange color, and the paper should appear to have stood the test of time. and other factors.

Old paper has different types and what you expect from the paper may be different, especially in terms of color. We will show you different ways to get old paper with simple ingredients found in any home. You can try them all and see the best result. for you, and the results appear quickly, as with a lot of experience.

How to make paper look old?

Coffee and Tea: You can use them separately or combine them. This is the best known and simplest method to implement. First we prepare the paper by crumpling it into a ball shape and then straightening it again so that it doesn't make it straight, because these wrinkles are what we want and we would like to have them. After that we place the paper on top. A tray with large edges. We prepare the liquid with clean boiled water. If you want a little effect, dilute the coffee. If you want a stronger effect, the choice of the amount of coffee determines the degree of color, whether diluted or darker. Also clean the tea. Likewise, the longer you let it steep, the more effect it will leave. My color is darker. If you want a light color, just dip some coffee and tea in warm water without boiling. Just fit it on a regular sheet of paper, it's half a liter. cup of liquid. Pour the liquid onto the paper and use a brush to spread the liquid all over the paper. After that we leave the paper for a period of no more than 4 days. A few minutes, then we use an old towel or paper towels to absorb the excess liquid. After that, as the paper is fragile due to moisture, modify the sides of the paper and cut it. You can use a sharp tool and try to scrub the sides. After that, leave the paper in the towel and let it dry. the air.

Since we understand the basics, let's apply them in other methods

You can add effects, whether it's adding liquid to different spots or adding more coffee to get different dark spots.

You can also add burn to the sides of the paper with a lighter to add a magical touch. To be able to control the paper well, use a candle.

You can try sprinkling salt on damp paper to produce different shades of color.

You can also sprinkle ground coffee on damp paper, let it sit for a while, then remove it with a towel to leave a nice stain.

Lemon juice: Heat dry lemon juice in water in place of coffee and tea, then pour in the liquid following the same steps as coffee. Let it drain, then place it between two sheets of paper and iron it until the heat reacts with the lemon to achieve the color change.

Glazing: This is the use of antique glass paint. This is the simplest method, as all you will need is a brush and an antique finish. We paint it on the paper, and the more layers we apply, the more color change we get. .

Unfortunately, technology speeds up the process of paper destruction due to the tannins and acids found in tea and coffee. So try to preserve the paper by framing it or adding baking soda, which helps make the paper last. If you want something more professional, try using kraft paper, its color will help you get a better result.

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