Painting on glass with acrylic colors, the art of painting on glass, drawing anime on glass

 Painting on glass with acrylic colors, the art of painting on glass, drawing anime on glass

presentation :

Drawing on glass has become a project that can be financially profitable, especially as the demand for this work increases day by day. You may have seen this work, whether on TikTok or other platforms, and it is often a drawing of anime or famous characters, which makes this project stand out. This is not a requirement for strong drawing knowledge or skills, but rather a simple thing to implement, especially for anime, and anyone can implement it and be successful. While businesses can be sold through websites, or you can create an account on social networking sites and promote it

Glass painting tools:

First of all, before trying to identify the tools, you must take into account that you will have to print the image in the dimensions you will need to draw, and it is best that it is a tool with clear details and the same size as the glass, and the latter must be transparent.

A black marker. You can use a black Sharpie marker or waterproof ink pens so that the colors don't mix. Generally, excellent quality markers will suffice.

You will often need brushes

Acrylic colors, and if you are wondering why acrylic is the only one capable of adhering to various surfaces like glass, it is also waterproof, difficult to remove and dries quickly. acrylic paint /pebeo vitrea 160 glass/

a glass of water

Of course, the image and glass must be 6x6 in size

Glass drawing methods:

Before you start drawing, you need to clean the glass of any dirt with a dry cloth. One of the necessary tasks is that if you want to draw a character with facial features, you need to reverse its direction. If it's to the right, make it to the left, and vice versa. Indeed, when we draw, we draw behind the glass. The result appears on the front side of the glass, making it inverted. To control this, we invert it until it appears like the image.

We lay the board flat with the glass on the board, then we tape the edge of the glass to the paper using painters tape, then attach the two. After this comes the planning stage and we trace the drawing or the basic lines of the Image. Try to repeat on the line more than once so that it is not affected by the colors, as should be used. A thin marker for the detail lines and a thick marker for the other lines. Let the pen dry and repeat it again smoothly. If there are any mistakes, use nail polish remover to remove them.

Think of the painting stage as if you were coloring a painting upside down. Color small things, like eyes and teeth. The mouth. The little strands of hair. Facial details. The eyelashes. Everything is small. You have to start by letting it dry, then recreate layers on it in proportion to the small dots and small lines. You can use sticks. Clean the teeth to paint them.

Once you have finished the small details, color the light areas first, then the darker ones, and with each color, if you notice it mixing with the other color, try letting it dry. Remember this with any coloring or drawing. If you do this, try to repeat it more than once, usually three times is enough no matter what. Your work appears chaotic and uncoordinated, so the result appears in front of the glass, which determines the success of the work. Finally, place the glass in front of a lamp, and if you notice faint color or gaps, fix them with more colors and make them denser.

Most likely the first attempt won't be very good, but it's an easy skill to learn. Once you discover the coloring mistakes, you will be able to draw on the glass easily, and experience is the first teacher, no matter. the amount of information you get.

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