The best colored pencils? Dry colored pencils. Wooden pencils and their types

 The best colored pencils? Dry colored pencils. Wooden pencils and their types

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Colored pencils are one of the first tools that motivate us to love drawing, largely because of their connection to childhood and the fact that this love continues into adulthood, even though they are considered tools intended for children. been creative and turned them into an established art. What is known today as colored pencil art comes in the form of lead-coated wood with a waxy finish, allowing it to blend colors and create a realistic color finish that will produce shades of color infinite. .

Types of colored pencils and how to choose them:

There are two types of paints, stains and wood waxes, which we often used when we were young. Their efficiency is low and their quality is not excellent. However, if we are talking about professional colors, we use wood colors. oil colors, which are best in terms of smoothness of movement, excellent color mixing, excellent glide and strong extraction. Realistic, high-quality colors. If you're looking for professional colors, consider using oil-based pens instead of wax. , which is fragile, making color mixing more difficult. In any box, you will find that the pen component is worse than wax or oil.

The best colored pencils:

Prismacolor Premier: It is considered the most important company when it comes to pens and is directly after Faber-Castell, but it is the least expensive. The price of a pen is around $0.60 and is very effective. Even pens that use wax are also very effective. We have already dedicated a special article to it under the title Prismacolor colors.

Fantasia: If your budget doesn't allow you to purchase Faber or Prisma pens, then you should definitely try the famous Fantasia pens, which come in a 48-color box with more than two shades in each color priced at $32.74 . Be amazed by their wonderful ability to mix colors and make them flow on paper. Beautiful natural colors. Many people prefer them to colors. Prisma, especially since it is cheaper.

Arteza: Suitable colors are considered an excellent color raw material, as is always known for Arteza colors. Its price is lower than that of Fantasia. The famous box comes with 48 colors. Excellent manufacturing materials. The coloring is closer to natural colors than is possible. Excellent flow and average color mixing do not result in complete color mixing. It is capable of creating excellent color gradation

CretaColor Mega: Colors characterized by excellent color richness. Arafa, with its wide pens with a 6.4 mm core, makes the tip of the pen interact more with the surface of the paper. Of course, its flow rate decreases, until its color texture is very excellent. He is also known for coloring cartoons or animations. It is excellent for blending colors.

Derwent: The pens are considered the weakest on the list, but they are excellent for work that falls short of creating intricate details. They can be used in dark colors and to blend with shadows. They will fit.

Caran d'Ache: One of the most beautiful pens that allows for amazing blending of colors. Even professionals use it side by side with Faber-Castell or Prisma colors to give a better blend. It also allows you to obtain the most realistic colors possible. A wonderful material color difficult to obtain in other colors. The only obstacle remains the high amount. To purchase it you can buy a small box of 6 pens and mix it with another box of pens and it will give you a wonderful combination.

tombow: Average pencils that can be lightly relied upon, with a normal combination of natural colors and poor color material. Colors are considered average in capacity, whether mixed or flowing.

These are all excellent colors, except that extreme color realism is not solely controlled by the quality of the pens. Often, professionals prefer to rely on pens from different companies and not pens from just one company. You can help mix the pens further with Johnson's Baby Oil, either by using it directly on the tip of the pens or using it with a stick. Clean the background and add color

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