What is the difference between modern art and contemporary art? Modern and contemporary art concept

 What is the difference between modern art and contemporary art? Modern and contemporary art concept

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When we hear the word modern art or contemporary art, the first definition comes immediately: it is the same thing that expresses a new art of the time. However, this definition has nothing to do with the concept of the two arts. Additionally, modern art and contemporary art differ in several things, and the two words are used to describe two different things. Exactly, these are more technical terms than definitional terms.

What is modern art:

Modern art can be described as the style and philosophy of artistic works produced from the late 19th century, around 1890, until the mid-20th century, around 1970. It includes all technical concepts established at that time, such as expressionism. , Impressionism, Cubism, Dada, Surrealism, Pop Culture and Post-Impressionism. It aimed to put aside old artistic traditions and focus on new approaches to defining current world issues.

For example, Pablo took the concept of modernity and thus introduced a new style of drawing called cubism, famous for its geometric shapes. It is an example of what modernity has opened up in terms of freedom to form and choose. unconventional materials and a tendency to explore symbolism, dreams and personal icons as a main style. Among its most famous users: Pablo, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne and Henri Matisse. Modernism is considered the movement that introduced new ideas into the art world.

What is contemporary art:

 While the term contemporary art is a mixture of definitional and artistic term, as it refers to works created after World War II, it is also used to express the works of artists who are still living and creating artistic works. Use of the term dates back to 1910, when critics described it as an era that no longer existed. Modern art is quite contemporary, so it was necessary to give a term that would influence the next generation and define their works, which is why the name was called "contemporary."

Contemporary art also tends to address current topics or issues that will arise in the future. Contemporary art came directly after modern art, because it is an attempt to further renew art, whether with tools or with more freedom with new beliefs, and it benefits from the development so that art keeps pace with everything new and current. After a day, he acquires methods and develops

The difference between modern art and contemporary art?

- Modern art is seen as more of a self-expression, while contemporary art is concerned with society.

The themes of modern art are chosen based on modernist representation, while contemporary art draws inspiration from themes of social aspects of the world and politics.

Modern art is limited to canvases, while contemporary art exists on all possible media, particularly with the technological developments we are witnessing.

- Modern art is revolutionary in origin, because it is anti-romantic, while contemporary art is revolutionary because of the freedom and extent of the artist's experimentation.

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