Fashion and modern art, is it fashion art? Can art be fashion?

 Fashion and modern art, is it fashion art? Can art be fashion?

Art and fashion are a relationship that can be described as two cultures that often intertwine and cross over. They come together in drawing and design, colors, stories, messages, aesthetics and many other things, but the most important thing that unites the two visual fields is expression. They both depend on the designer and the artist to express what he wants to communicate or what he sees. Beautiful, the problem is that the relationship has always been a one-sided love and designers often drift from art. , but I did not forget that it was a group of designers who worked alongside great artists to create their creations, until the gesture always moved from fashion to art .

Fashion and modern art:

Nowadays, things have changed from what they were before. Today we are witnessing a wonderful era of fashion to the point that it has surpassed art in terms of fame, money or otherwise. What proves this is that the most famous contemporary artists today work with fashion houses to put together special collections. The most famous house, Dior, one of the largest design houses in the world, relies almost entirely on... Artists, or even Louis Vuitton, which launched a vast collaboration under the title of art and fashion. Today, fashion has become a means of livelihood, a job and a path to success for the artist. On the contrary, he can benefit from his drawings to a greater extent than from his paintings, so that fashion today is linked to portable art? We do not forget that fashion has greatly benefited from art, either by acquiring a serious character and strong development, by benefiting from artistic schools or techniques, and by merging them with fashion, but rather by benefiting from paintings and artistic works and being inspired by them, and discouraging the saying that art is serious and fashion is trivial


Is fashion art? Can art be fashion?

Fashion, in terms of what to wear at any given time, has long been considered a trivial art because of what it began with, as the designer was technically an outlet for the tailor and often did not have of opinion, and his objective was to achieve what the latter demanded, which made this very art indisputable regarding the evolution of the art of designing clothes. The mechanics of sewing became possible for fashion designers to do both design and sewing. However, this has not even been discussed and often designers seek recognition, especially as they see that what they do is an art and not a profession.

What the art world relied on to avoid discussion was that fashion was a superficial industry whose goal was financial profit and which had no in-depth thinking in terms of beauty or social, cultural or historical issues, on which art is based. a reflection based on a superficial vision of fashion design in general.

In the late 1980s, design in general became more aesthetically oriented, with bright colors and bold designs. The creators were able to create a general debate: is design an art? While fashion designers began to ask the question: Is fashion an art? This resulted in a set of theses, whether from the world of art or that of fashion, and a fruitful military debate for many years, including that fashion is a class art which creates social disparities, and that once everyone has adopted a certain style, the style becomes out of fashion, and that fashion is a means of adornment which depends on a specific era, and that Art is expression and fashion is style

The designers defended themselves by saying that design, like any other art, requires a lot of creativity and production to obtain the final pieces, and that it is based on illustration, which is the most important pillar of art, and that it also depends on the line. , color and texture. Even historical paintings were based on figure drawing. With specific fashion to show a specific period, fashion is somehow inherited from art.

Despite this, today fashion is considered a form of art and, based on this, the end result is a product and depends on consumerism, which creates restrictions and interest for the consumer and their own opinion, whereas art should not have restrictions.

Creators are expected to become freer, especially with the new wave of street art and the most famous founder, Virgil Abloh, who opened greater horizons for artistic expression and broke several barriers in fashion to make it one of the arts of the world. future and not a branch of visual fine arts.

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