Manila paper, its definition, its uses and properties in drawing, the name of the old paper

 Manila paper, its definition, its uses and properties in drawing, the name of the old paper

a definition    :

 If we want to know more about manila paper, it was famous for making letter envelopes, and that was the largest use of this type of paper until it had many other uses, like for example the fact that it was the basis of some of the larger volumes, or covering the covers of books, or as writing paper, or as it is used today in a group of other magazines as bags. Pregnancy or impression papers.

Manila paper industry

What sets it apart from other types of paper is that it is durable, has a unique color close to brown or orange, and the cost of its production and manufacturing is considered low. expensive compared to other types of paper. hemp, or as it is called abaca, extracted from semi-sliced wood fibers and processed into paper, can be used in several other production processes and can resist various causes of damage, such as folding or l 'humidity.

Manila paper has different materials and many sizes, large, small and many more. Today it comes in different colors, perhaps the most famous of these being the white used in newspaper papers or the colors used in folders and the like. For all these uses, drawing had to find its share of use.

Uses of manila paper in drawing:

What made drawing use this type, even though it is not compatible with most tools, is that it has a unique material, especially with ballpoint pens, colored pens and pencils, because it gives both a character of strangeness, of uniqueness, and this appears clearly in the drawings, especially on the lighter papers and their interaction with the sunlight and the unique orange color. Some artists also use paper to express its neatness and antiquity, as paper shows the old factor, while drawings are considered to express its neatness.

Additionally, coloring on newspaper papers, or associating coloring with stories, is a type of art considered unique and based on mixing colors and journalistic content on a single panel. You'll also notice this a lot in decoupage paintings, and it's a unique factor for paintings.

Manila paper, at one time, was one of the most widely used papers in the world, and it was a wonderful writing material, especially in planning and writing, but with the evolution of time, and especially nowadays, it has become superfluous. Despite this, some still prefer the old school, which is why we notice that invitations for occasions such as engagement or wedding, hand drawing and hand drawing are still sometimes used, and they are more special and more elaborate than machines. is still used for some things, often souvenirs, but it is in danger of disappearing in the future. Despite this, the experience of writing the old-fashioned way is a beautiful and unique experience.

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