Soft pastel colors in drawing, their types and characteristics, the best brands of soft pastels and how to draw with them

 Soft pastel colors in drawing, their types and characteristics, the best brands of soft pastels and how to draw with them

a definition :

Soft pastel is a color made from basic materials, namely white chalk, colored powders and adhesive materials which contribute to cohesion. Pastel colors are known for their special way of coloring and their difference from most colors, whether oil or water. because they do not use any intermediate materials or diluents and their material is different. Its light colors and blending ability make it easy to achieve distinct colors, such as body colors, which are known to be difficult to obtain from other colors. means soft pastel.

Pastel colors are considered the second strongest colors after oil colors. This is due to the strength and elegance of their colors, the multiplicity of gradients and the proximity of the final result to oil colors. In addition, they are easier than oil colors and very suitable for both coloring beginners and those with experience. Pastel colors come in two types: chalk, which is the title of the article, and oil and the difference. The latter contains added wax ingredients and is available with wooden pens with wax. pastel colors indoors, while chalk is often available with chalk sticks, powder or pens.

The best brands of soft pastels:

The best chalk pastel colors are those that are able to corrode easily, that is, they react quickly to pressure on the surface and are able to resemble it at the same time. The best pastel brands are Faber Castell, but they are considered expensive. by me. The alternative without much compromise on quality is the Maries company, despite the difference between them, whether in texture or in nuances. The colors aren't a big difference, and the fabric looks even better if you draw from life, so 24 colors will be somewhat appropriate. However, if you are drawing portraits, you will need more colors and it is best to purchase a box of 48 colors. This is because the small color boxes are not available in colors. gradients, especially for skin tones. It is necessary to obtain soft and woody pastel colors if you aspire to very strong designs and will add color gradients, small details and shine.

- STABILO soft pastel wood

- ARTEZA soft wood pastel

Drawing tools and methods:

Canson Pastel Paper: It is a paper characterized by a variety of colors, that is to say it is available in all colors. It is available on a smooth side, in which soft pastels are used, and on a rough side, in which oil colors are used. . It is possible to draw on any face of any type. The method is preferred by most artists and is neither mandatory nor essential, but rather remains optional. Because the rough side requires more coloring and blending than the smooth side.

The sketch is then made with soft wooden pastel pencils, usually white, or a white pencil. Then the colors are combined through the use of color layers, i.e. from dark to light, accumulating the colors on some of them. Then light is added. in light or white colors and shadows in dark or black colors. Next comes the blending or smoothing step. The hand can be used. Or by spreading the fingers across the colors or using a large massager, other colors can be added to the combined colors, including light and shadow colors.

Color stabilizer: This is sprayed after coloring to keep the pastel consistent with the surface. Its disadvantages are that it can darken the color or make it brighter. It is best to spray it as far away from the paper as possible.

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