Best Types of Markers: Copic Pens, Promarker Pens, Posca Pens, Cartooning Tools, Pros and Cons

 Best Types of Markers: Copic Pens, Promarker Pens, Posca Pens, Cartooning Tools, Pros and Cons

a definition   :

The marker is one of the tools of drawing, because it is effective and easy to handle. It's a wonderful material. It replaces my need for certain colors, especially water-based ones, because they have almost the same properties and characteristics. It is more efficient and easier, and it is also easy to find, as it is found in every office, and I hope it is simple. Of different types and qualities.

The marker is considered a water-based type of pencil, but it has a higher tolerance level and fights dryness longer thanks to the soft fiber used to preserve colors.

Like watercolor, it is characterized by its ease of handling and its transparency, that is, it does not hide the surface, which gives it a variety of uses, such as planning, proposals for colorings, ideas, etc.

It also gives a lot of shades, but this is its disadvantage, because it must have a wide range to obtain shade or light, or to obtain shades of varying quality.

The most famous types of markers:

The marker comes in different sizes, types, materials and colors, making the painter very optional, and the quality varies according to each company that makes it. We will cite the most famous and most used among artists, and it monopolizes the market in general.

Definition and Uses of Copic Pens

a definition    :

Copic pens or colors are markers from the Japanese company Copic Markers, affiliated with the Japanese brand Too. They are considered the best and most professional type of marker. This is due to their high quality and strong uses, especially in the field. anime drawing, fashion drawing or other things, which has given them many users who are also dependent on them. This has solved the problems of traditional markers to rank first in terms of quality.

Features of Copic pens:

What makes Copic unique in its dominance is its color diversity, as it is possible to get more than 300 colors, and each color has more than 20 gradations. The company also releases new different gradations of the previous ones, and more. More than 70 primary and secondary colors can be available in one box.

Copic pens are different depending on the type of use. We can find refillable pens and double-headed pens that can be used for a lifetime, and so on to include various uses. Additionally, the difference in the pen tip from broad to fine gives a different coloring stroke and different control over the type of gradation.

Copic has a different color material than any other company's marker, making it difficult to achieve its sleek, saturated colors that appear to be professional colorings from another company, especially that they are close to water-based coloring.

Copic pens are the first pens when it comes to manga drawing, pop art drawing or graphic coloring. If a professional asks you which is the best marker that can give you strong coloring and solid material, the first name will be Copic pens for their strength, unique colors and wide variety of colors, as these are the pens. Copic pens are used in most drawings, whether manga or comics, in addition to their use in most other magazines.

It is also used to draw initial images of films and drawn images especially for superhero films, whether from Marvel Studios or DC Studios, which makes us notice that comic pens have powerful and enormous uses, particularly in the world close to cinema or digital. , they are intended for professionals and can be chosen from all pens. The other marker was not a problem, but rather deserved it, because it is the most luxurious and has the colors most suited to such uses.

When coloring, it is not recommended to combine ordinary markers with professional markers due to the difference in shades, and some of them leave unwanted marks.

Definition and uses of  ProMarker pens

Promarker is a subsidiary of the large company Winsor Newton, and these are Duo markers of very acceptable quality, considered an official coloring tool in line with what can be found in the more luxurious premium marker brands. What sets Promarker apart most is quality versus price. The Copic company can be compared in terms of build quality and color preservation to the Promarker company, and you will not find a big difference there, unlike what you will find in the price, as Copic is twice as good as Promarker.

Promarker pens are unique in their strange color nature, as they are brighter than other colors and most of their colors have high color saturation which is closer to digital colors than natural colors. Additionally, color saturation does not allow the surface to be exposed, making it more desirable for designers and engineers to sketch their preliminary designs.

However, its most important use remains in anime or comic drawing due to the saturation of the color, which makes the drawing feel like it is drawn by a computer in a weirder way, in addition to the multiplicity of colors and multiplicity of pen tips of all kinds of sizes, which gives the artist an excellent opportunity to diversify the tools while maintaining the appropriate color material.

ProMarker provides its users with more than 148 different colors and different pens with different sized tips, flat or round heads, or pens with two heads on each side. It can be available as a complete set containing over 48 pens in different gradient colors, or a case containing 24 different pens.

Promarker pens are pens specially designed for drawing manga and to compete with Copic pens, and so far they are successful in the price competition. Let us note that the two nibs used in the pen are the most demanded for drawing manga, and the wide range of colors aims to expand the range to offer special manga artists a complete alternative without giving up any of the requirements, and for all these advantages, the ProMarker company is today considered one of the most popular felt-tip pen companies and one of the best-known and best-selling companies in the world.

It has won the trust of users, both professionals and beginners, in terms of functionality, ease of handling and excellent linear travel.

Posca Jarir colors, their uses and applications, definition of posca pen colors

Posca pens are one of the best-known international marker colors, but they stand out from the rest with their different colored materials, regular design and consistent, high dry resistance. They are available as sets from 8 pens in each set, or 12 pens, or 24 pens, up to 48 pens in total. There are over 128 colors, and the number increases with each collection the company offers.

Characteristics of Posca colors:

Posca pens are distinguished by their unique spectral colors, or what is called ionic painting, which is a type of coloring that appears to radiate or shimmer. Its depth also varies depending on the intensity of the light directed towards it, so the shade in the coloring varies. In addition, the 3M tip makes coloring error-free, which makes drawing and it's like computer drawing.

However, what distinguishes Posca from international markers such as Promarker or Copic is the price, which can be considered high by the latter compared to Posca, which is considered suitable due to the functionality it offers and the difference in good color and durability of the pen.

Posca is establishing itself as a serious competitor in the Dalek marker market due to its unique color and quality, rather than being an alternative to big companies, forcing artists to use it as a different tool and not as an alternative.

Posca pens are often used for drawing cartoons and comics, or for coloring commercial or advertising graphics, drawing logos, combining infographics with ordinary graphics, combining them with other markers, or for decoration in paintings or editions.

Posca colors are considered at the top of the list when talking about markers and are widely used in manga drawing in general. They are also used to draw early tattoo designs due to the proximity of the coloring material. Colors are considered the most important competitor of international Copic colors, and you will notice that in every drawing studio it is impossible that Posca colors are not available due to their professionalism and strong material. They are also used to draw sketches for digital. graphics due to its distinctive color.

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