Teach drawing, acquire the required techniques and the importance of drawing for humans and the painter in particular

 Teach drawing acquire the required techniques and the importance of drawing for humans and the painter in particular

How do we learn?

                         If you want to learn how to draw, it's not impossible, but at the same time it's not easy. This technique requires following a few steps and rules. Most articles on how to learn to draw show you how to draw simple shapes or characters in order to make you believe that you can easily master drawing, but that is not true. All you learn is copy. You should know that art in general begins with visualization or photography, and it is a relationship whose foundations are based on imagination, between the mind that produces the idea and your body that desires embody it and realize it on a surface.

Photography skill

                         To learn this skill, you need to know that most artists acquire it naturally and that it is a little higher than others.

You can identify it by the strength of their attention to the smallest details from their earliest years of life, their love of all things colorful and their ever-changing mood when drawing, and the strength of their memory of everything that remembers their excessive attention.

The beautiful thing is that this skill can be learned, and to be frank, the learning period varies from person to person. Some may acquire it in months and others in years, but the more you develop, the faster you will achieve it. be in acquiring it. To learn it, you have to accustom your mind to the power of observation, and that is by watching people draw. Or videos or even drawings and try to get used to them to engrave these details in the mind.

Observe the internal lines of each drawing and the external lines, observe the drawing and the method of drawing eyes...

You can also start by drawing a sketch and repeating it until perfection. After that, you can get creative and try changing just the memory characteristics from what you saw previously.

Incarnation Skill

                         The rendering stage comes after you have imagined what you are going to draw and have a general idea of the drawing. First you determine the dimensions and surroundings of the drawing. I advise you to take your time while drawing, and if you feel tired, you can leave the drawing until you rest. Due to eye or hand fatigue, it makes your drawing not as good as it could have been. I advise any beginner to draw with squares to make you pay attention to details that you might overlook, and to start, as we said, with a sketch.

The importance of drawing for humans and the painter in particular

                Drawing is a skill that everyone aspires to learn, and everyone has reasons to learn it. There are those who like to express themselves in a different way from others, or who like what can be embodied, from imagination to reality. Sometimes, they can be challenged by what can be achieved through drawing, or by a passion for colors...

The reasons vary from one person to another, but the psychological or physical importance of the drawing remains what ensures balance and continuity for the artist and makes it evolving.

The importance of tapping psychologically:

              It manifests itself in the tranquility, calm and psychological stability that it provides to the painter at the time of drawing, in addition to the strength of concentration used and the different methods of self-expression and themes that are close to his heart. the comfort that the painter feels while drawing gives him the opportunity to escape from real reality and sort things out as much as possible. The hormones responsible for happiness, and the anticipation of what the drawing will ultimately become and its consequences. completion generates different feelings of self-satisfaction and, over time, great confidence.

The importance of drawing on a physical level:

                 This is seen in the wonderful control of the limbs, especially the hand, and in extracting negative energy from the body, strengthening the eye to notice the most important details, aiding in drawing and , in some cases, huge or moderate memory power. We also notice different types of stress that affect the general condition of the body.

Drawing has more advantages than disadvantages, and the latter can be limited to the teaching method and keep pace with learning the passion of drawing with the correct official curriculum, instead of getting lost in the labyrinth of deviant ideas from formal education in general. Gradually, with the learner of drawing and make him understand the correct concepts of the meaning of drawing and not link it to any concept or belief or idea that will make a drawing enthusiast consider only what is useful and give up false concepts according to the priorities of a correct education.

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