Drawing with squares, an explanation with pictures of the simplest methods of drawing with squares

 Drawing with squares, an explanation with pictures of the simplest methods of drawing with squares

What is the advantage of drawing with squares?

                         The square technique is used in the majority of drawing, especially in pencil drawing and wall drawing. It is one of many existing methods, but it remains the most used and best known due to its advantages. It allows you to extract many details. and the accuracy of the original image. It also makes it easier to give the dimensions of the actual image, and thanks to it you can control the size as you want, whether by reducing or enlarging.

How to use the square drawing technique?

                        To use this technique you need to know that you are relying a lot on the squares, so you need to follow the steps exactly

1: The more squares, the more details, the better the quality and the easier it is to draw, and vice versa

2: You divide the table you want to draw, and it is better that the numbers are odd: 3-5, 5-7 or 7-9... in terms of sides.

If you want to draw this

We will first divide it as follows: 7 squares in width and 5 in length. Keep in mind that the square has similar letters, so we will say that each letter = 5 cm, so we get this division. The squares should be equal in size.

After that calculate the length and width of the general image and apply it on the paper, because the paper has other dimensions as we know, or with a simple process the length of the letter of the square is, by default, multiplied by 5 cm. by 7 = 35 cm. The same goes for width. Always take into account the size of the paper and 5 cm multiplied by 5 = 25 and between every 5 cm. We distinguish it from the rest, then we continue to finish all sides of the main frame, then connect the distinction points horizontally with each other.


You can enlarge the image by multiplying the 5cm square letter by 2 or any number as you need = 10 to enlarge the sign

Use thin lines to draw squares for easy remote erasing

Always keep in mind the size of the paper you are going to draw on

The most important thing is that the squares are equal and of the same number (there are other methods to obtain squares)

The result is on paper

Next comes the drawing stage. You have to do it exactly, and you place each line in the same box that you indicated only for the bases, until you get 20% of the drawing. After that you erase it so that the lines don't appear.

The second method is considered the simplest:

This is done by extracting the image you wish to draw to the same scale as the frame of the paper or drawing, eliminating the need for calculations. In addition, the initial characteristics are easy to transfer, and it is considered easier if the image and drawing surfaces have the same dimensions, it remains only to divide them into squares and proceed directly to the process of transfer.

You can use auxiliary applications, whether to split images and place them in a split frame. You can search for word grid in the play store app and it will show you a large group of options, the best of which is grid drawing app. and the grid app for artists, which stand out, and the latter app gives you precise measurements.

-pixel ab


Despite this, some still consider that this technique is reserved for beginners, and this is a mistake, because the technique is very advanced, and there are certain methods of drawing with squares that are difficult for the most experienced painters, such as side squares and many more.

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