What are the best mechanical pencils for drawing, sketching and technical drawing? Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical pens

 What are the best mechanical pencils for drawing, sketching and technical drawing? Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical pens

a definition:

The mechanical pencil or fountain pen is a pen different from ordinary wooden pencils in that it has a set of features, such as refill, elegant and luxurious appearance, or lead sticks that can be provided in different diameters and interchanged with each other into one. AVERAGE. , which eliminates the need for a large group of wooden pencils. It also has uses. Others, like office work or the normal process of writing notes or others, especially for those who don't like ballpoint pens or liquid ink pens or are allergic to ink.

Normal uses come with powerful uses, like drawing, especially sketches, preliminary drawings or official notes, and with multiple heads, it provides a complete drawing experience, as the sticks can give you everything you need you need in terms of pens, especially for those who like to draw freely or draw outside of enclosed spaces. The pen gives tremendous drawing ability. It is controlled by the head, which is often not strongly connected to anything, giving it smoothness and ease of manipulation for drawing small and intricate details.

 Build quality varies from company to company, although there is not much difference in terms of quality. The difference lies in the materials used to make the stand, its elegance, weight and stability. There are countless types with varying variations. and sustainability, especially for Chinese companies, and sometimes their quality exceeds that of international companies. What distinguishes the latter is their large loading capacity and their luxury, like the Beifa, Yeayoo, Bic, Staedtler or Maped.

Mechanical pencils, unfortunately, have not seen much development or what painters want. For example, one of the problems painters face is the difficulty of bending the pencil or the speed at which it breaks under pressure, whether light or strong. have made use of it in drawing for secondary purposes, such as drawing secondary lines or tracing outlines, sizing, framing or adding cosmetic lines, although to solve these problems it can be used more sparingly.

The best mechanical pens:

. Pentel Graphgear 1000 Mechanical Pencil: You may recognize it from the photo. This is one of the most famous mechanical pencils. It stands out for its elegant design with an added comfortable touch when the holder is hollowed out and soft pads to reduce pressure on the fingers. The pen has a double retractor that allows you to fully control the level of the lead. It features excellent graphite material.

. Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil: If you are looking for a pen for realistic scratching and drawing, then this is the pen for you. It stands out for its light and retractable support at the top of a balanced pen, thanks to the metal handle designed to give downward movement, with the excellent graphite material of the Staedtler company. This is one of the best things one can try with mechanical pens. It is also the best pen offering excellent experience for a mid-range price.

. Faber-Castell Grip 2011 mechanical pencil: The award-winning pen thanks to its ergonomic design. The rubber dots along the backing provide comfort for the fingers and make it non-slip and easy to hold, of course, with the famous Faber-Castell mechanical pencil. Castell lead material.

. Rotring mechanical pencil: If you are looking for a useful pen at a reasonable price without skimping on many features, then Rotring pens will offer you light and comfortable support thanks to its rubber grip, without neglecting the most important thing: the lead. The pen is filled with good looks, excellent for full drawings and portraits.

Despite this, when using a special mechanical pencil to draw small details, it gives a good addition, different from what a regular pencil gives.

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