What are the best Watercolor markers? Watercolor markers and their advantages, alternatives to watercolor

 What are the best Watercolor markers? Watercolor markers and their advantages, alternatives to watercolor

a definition :

Watercolor pencils are one of the newest drawing tools and, surprisingly, they are the most common and widespread at present, and perhaps in the future. Watercolor pencils are powerful markers that have the same properties as watercolor, from dull colors to transparency of colors, to their use of the medium, which is water, and to their use on the same drawing surfaces, that is, in general, watercolor pens are watercolors, but in a better shape and easier to use

Watercolor pencils are used with water and are immediately activated on contact with water, printing in reasonable and simple quantities. The goal is to moisten them as much as possible and not get them wet. You can use a brush and dip it in water and then touch the marker in order to control the water and at the same time adapt the water to the surface, especially if it is paper you must use the same watercolor surfaces than paper 300 g/m² and abov

Water-based markers eliminate the need for a set of tools such as a paintbrush, cup, etc. They are also easier to apply because these water-based dyes are packaged in a better tool form, making them suitable for those who love to travel, especially for engineers and nature drawing lovers . Water-based markers often come in pen box sets of 12. Or 24 or 48, meaning they include the basic colors and more. the markers have two tips on each side, one for writing and calligraphy and the other as a brush for drawing. You can mix water-based markers with any other tool or color, as long as the surface is suitable and the other color is not. affected by water

The best water-based markers:

. Winsor & Newton Watercolor Brush: One of the best-known international companies when it comes to drawing tools, it contains high-quality pigments capable of resisting humidity and not drying out, while providing close-looking watercolors realism, with excellent transparency. and bright colors, making it one of the best brands available on the market.

. Watercolor Promarker: One of the best color materials for markers and best for achieving realistic colors for watercolors. High transparency and excellent interaction with water.

. Genuine Arteza Brush: It contains one of the best heads and bristles suitable for use such as water. It also has a unique color material that is brighter and more vibrant. It is considered one of the most expensive brands, but it offers the best quality and one of the best materials possible.

. Kuretake Zig Historical Art Watercolors: This is one of the best materials you can try because this material is inspired by the colors used by the artist Van Gogh. Its colors are different from any other brand, characterized by bright yellow and bright blue.

. Watercolor Marker Brush Pens: One of the darkest colors you can use as watercolor, which allows for good interaction with water and more color gradients with water.

. Faber Castell watercolor markers: They are more aimed at professionals due to their high price, but they are considered the best and cannot be compared to any brand, due to the great similarity between their use and that of watercolor, as it is difficult to notice the difference, as they are odorless and do not seep through most papers.

Watercolor markers are actually the easiest way to draw if you are a fan of watercolor painting. They also make learning easier, including applying watercolor, color grading, etc., but they are of better quality if used with real watercolors and then mixed.

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