The life of the painter Henri Matisse in Morocco and his most famous Moroccan-inspired paintings

 The life of the painter Henri Matisse in Morocco and his most famous Moroccan-inspired paintings

Henri Matisse :

When we talk about Henri Matisse, we are talking about one of the most famous artists in history and one of the most influential artists of his generation in the 20th century. He was born in Bouhain-en-Fermandeau in the north of France. His career spanned six decades and he was known for his use of color expression and landscape paintings. In 1912, Matisse was looking for inspiration, so he decided to visit Morocco in search of inspiration for North African culture. He fell in love with the charm of the country. to the point that his artistic works came from there and even his way of painting was inspired by the colors and atmosphere of Morocco, which distinguished him the most, because it was the main purpose of this trip. Find a new artistic direction

The life of the painter Henri Matisse in Morocco:

The artist's journey began in Morocco, in the coastal city of Tangier, at the Grand Hôtel Villa de France. When he landed in the city, he was frustrated and wrote to his friend, the poet Gertord Stein, about the intensity of the rain. He described it as the sky was raining continuously for five days, and as a result, he was locked in his room, and there it was. Her first official session in Morocco, and as a result, was a painting titled Vase of Iris, which is a painting of a flower pot in her bedroom placed on a marble dressing table with predominantly red and marble coloring with reflection of color.

The second painting, which is the most famous, depicts a beautiful view of Tangier through his window from the hotel. A view dominated by the color blue of the famous buildings of northern Morocco, with a drawing of a church and a kasbah located behind. This is one of the paintings in which Matisse dared to boldly use colors today. The room from which the artist saw the view is a place. Touristy, and the hotel allows people to enter to repeat the same experience. The same room witnesses another painting, but from another angle, of a group of roofs of the houses of the old town, but in addition to the view of the sea and the rain clouds looming above. horizon

The sun rises on Henri Matisse in Tangier, and he begins to discover the culture of Morocco, particularly from the locals, until he remains fascinated by the Kasbah, the old town and the charm of the market. He is amazed by the nature of the city's architecture and the small alleys which he describes as labyrinths. He admired the gate of the Kasbah, very famous in Morocco, the large old doors of the minaret or the small doors of the Kasbah, known for their marked contrasts between shadow and light. Matisse did not need to paint a picture of the Kasbah gate leading to a market with Moroccan figures.

After that, Matisse went to the tomb of Sidi Boukouja in Marabout. This building is located on the edge of the Kasbah and is one of the most important Moroccan architectural monuments in Morocco. It is a shrine in honor of Ahmed's life. Boukouja, then built in 1865. It is a realistic painting of the sanctuary sites. He didn't stop there, but instead painted several alleys, buildings, people, cafes and many other things. Matisse visited Tangier in most of his places, and each time he admired a place, he made a painting for it. Morocco was among the motifs of inspiration for Matisse's coloring, known at the time for his audacity.

Henri Matisse's visit to Morocco continued for more than a year. In 1915, he honored his visit with a Cubist painting depicting Moroccans dressed as Moroccans in robes. He describes it as the balcony of the small café of the Kasbah, representing three sections of a mosque behind a balcony, a pot of flowers and a man wearing a turban with a block of black color in the background which unites the three parts which do not make just one. One of Henri Matisse's most expensive paintings

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