The most expensive and valuable Van Gogh paintings

 The most expensive and valuable Van Gogh paintings

Van Gogh:

One of the strangest contradictions in the life of the artist Van Gogh is that during his lifetime he could not sell his paintings at a reasonable price. Today, decades after his death, his paintings are considered priceless and among the most sought-after. after paintings in the artistic world. In fact, many consider that he arrived prematurely and that he would have achieved brilliant success. If only a few years had passed, Gogh was considered crazy during his lifetime. Today he is considered a brush genius and owner of special strokes that have changed a lot in the art world. His dreamlike paintings became famous after impressionism and express a group of self-portraits, landscapes, flowers and many others.

The poor artist in his life, who lived under the care of his brother, did not live long enough to see his paintings become the most expensive, and even some priceless. Vincent William van Gogh 1890-1853 of Dutch origin. He acquired many of his paintings two years before his death, leaving him with a huge legacy, even his letters and sketches, today they are considered more expensive than many paintings by contemporary artists, to the point that collectors view his paintings and acquire them as a personal thing due to their admiration for the artist and his biography. His paintings range from just over 900 paintings during his lifetime.

Van Gogh artist prices range from $15 million to hundreds of millions of dollars, and there are a few religious artists whose paintings can surpass Van Gogh's, including Picasso, Da Vinci, Paul Cézanne and Frida Kahlo, artists value of artists A.

The most expensive Van Gogh paintings:

The Sunflower painting is an oil painting on canvas, 1889. Its dimensions are 95 x 73 cm. It is on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It is valued at +100 million dollars. It is considered one of the world's classic paintings and one of the most famous paintings in the world. The sunflower was in many of the artist Van's paintings. Gogh, indicating his interest in and love for her, pinned this with a special painting of sunflowers in a vase, just as the latter became a permanent symbol of Van Gogh, so it cannot be remembered without mentioning the stars. Sunflowers. The amount is an estimate and of course it increases over the years. It is believed the painting will be offered at auction. The price can be multiplied several times

Witfeld with Cypresses is an oil painting on canvas, its dimensions are 72.1 x 90.9 cm. It is exhibited at the National Gallery Museum in London and is valued at +100 million dollars. It was painted by Van Gogh from his window in his refuge room. The painting expresses golden wheat fields in front of the mountains. And a cypress. The painting is one of the most expressive paintings of Van Gogh's distinctive brushstroke method, leaving thick paint in every stroke with an almost dreamlike imagination and air. by manipulating some olive trees in the scene, like the previous one, the price is considered the starting bid and should be doubled several times.

The Iris is an oil painting on canvas, its dimensions are 71 x 93 cm. It is on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and is estimated at +$111 million. The painting was brought to auction by Sotheby's in 1987 from Bold Colors for Van. The table is considered to be ranked 31st after counting the inflation benchmark in the list.

Portrait of Dr Paul Gachet, oil on canvas, dimensions 67 x 56 cm. It is considered a private collection, as it was sold in 1990 for $83 million, while the painting's estimated value is currently around $152 million. The painting is a personal painting by a friend of Van Gogh, a doctor specializing in alternative medicine, in a post-modern style. The impressionism and emotional connection allowed the painting to achieve this price.

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