The future of fine arts, what will happen to art in the future?

 The future of fine arts, what will happen to art in the future?

The development of art is something necessary, because it is linked to human development and the development of human life. When we ask ourselves what will become of art after 30 or 40 years, what type of artistic movements will emerge or dominate the artistic world? Will traditional art forms endure? Art in the future is a difficult thing to predict, because history has taught us that art and its development are linked to several things, including a radical change that affects the culture or artists who influence the world of art with their philosophy. to predict what the art world will become. Despite development, artists may appear who adopt trends based on old methods. They rebel against development and artistic development, or they accompany development, so everything is a candidate.

Resisting the changes brought by technology is something that is expected of artists, especially since art is a means of expression and confronting art with technology is something that will happen. This must be done with the aim of bringing people back to things they can touch and feel? Despite the development, what will be impossible to change are the artistic foundations that have developed since its creation, creativity and communication. What may change is how we experience and communicate with art and how we acquire or purchase it. It is certain that the relationship between art and technology will be more closely linked in all its aspects.

Art and technology of the future:

Art must integrate with every new technology that is presented to it, and this is evident today, whether with virtual reality or augmented reality. This can be experienced today, but technological development in the future will make the experience more realistic, especially virtual exhibitions, as they will allow you to see the most famous works at home through a headset, glasses and a phone. With advancement, you will only need glasses for the complete experience. As expected, the technology will eventually become a virtual reality that can be interactive in ways that confuse what is real and what is virtual, and many additions such as a deeper dive into details, explanations and history through the helmet. Artists will be forced to follow this rhythm. , which will make them create works that benefit and respond to the virtual reality experience

The biggest challenge for the art of tomorrow:

The biggest issue in art is expected to be the impact of human-caused climate change, which requires artists to express and chronicle it in their works. Focus more on political issues, with an emphasis on social movements, especially in favor of several The biggest example in our time is the artists of the Black Lives Matter movement, and one of the speculations is that the he art will be implemented collectively instead of as it is today individually, and this is due to several social art trends expected to emerge. who support social minorities.

In the future, technology may revive works of art and then destroy, lose or destroy them, or repeatedly reshape the artists and their drawing period, telling stories in a virtual reality.

future nft:

Non-fungible tokens are seen as a promising future for art, especially digital art, as they enable the sale, exchange, and purchase of digital or physical assets (NFTs). Non-fungible crypto tokens work, for example, in digital art. They can be likened to a non-fungible digital address for an image which makes it unique. It is also a way to protect the artist's work. It can be applied. The same idea applies to many art objects, such as photos of paintings and exhibitions. You can learn more in the special article explaining NFT Art

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