The art of environmental protection, the importance of expressing the art of climate change

 The art of environmental protection, the importance of expressing the art of climate change

Artists have always been connected to nature, whether it is natural landscapes that they have always expressed or drawing inspiration from them with emotional colors, etc. With the emergence of concerns about the state of environmental health in the 20th century, particularly with the rise in global temperature, artists began to express their dissatisfaction with what the world was heading towards and began to defend planet Earth with works that express and draw attention to the issues of climate change and pollution, and they often use the physical environment to transform them into messages.

The emergence of the environmental art movement:

From being individual practices, it evolved into a collective movement among artists in the 1990s to attempt to open a discussion about how humans affect the environment in which they live and to celebrate the relationship between the artist and nature through several practices, such as introducing the use of natural materials in artistic works, which is a way of attracting attention, and this raises questions, especially when combined with the manufacture of materials extracted from the environment, such as debris, and incorporated into works of art, knowing the damage it can cause.

Environmental art and global warming:

After the emergence of so-called global warming, it was not enough for artists in the environmental art movement to raise awareness and spark debate: instead they turned to a painful and frightening expression entitled How the Environment Is he dying? on the beauty of the environment, its resistance and its damage, they turned to a proactive vision of what the environment will become, or to drawings which express an environment dead from reality. A style that can be described as frightening, even if it expresses the truth. Artists have also turned to fighting against anyone who affects the environment, such as factories and the like.

Ways to express environmental art:

It was not enough to paint paintings and display them in exhibitions. Instead, you had to be careful and sell messages in an unconventional way. Artists therefore turned to the streets, squares and green spaces, whether with murals or statues and large outdoor works of art, to expand the scope of the scenes, even more that most of them were intended for use in the public sector. The environmental materials that Fahia has are the most unattractive and will be used as a method of awareness, awareness and combat, and he was the most effective method.

Environmental art is one of its primary goals, which is to establish the relationship between the artist and the environment. Artists have taken this to another level, using nature as a tool of expression, showing the extent of harmony between them, whether creating statues from sea sand, drawing on ice or digging in ice, gardening, drawing with trees and grass, and many more... Even if the art does not last long, it is a way for the artist to submit to the natural cycle of the environment. hours can be erased into minutes, whether through climate change, erosion, or other factors, as an expression of an adaptation to nature that cannot be controlled.

Many artists predict that the artistic future is moving towards more environmental art, and that this is the movement that will dominate the art world in the future, and that artists will tell and express more about the environment in the future. future, in particular the seriousness of any imbalance. in the Earth's temperature, the history of green climates and how they will become, and dry areas. The desert and what it will become, and the environmental impact in general, is something that some artists believe to be inevitable, and today there are several exhibitions whose sole theme is art and the environment.

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