Words to describe fine art, how to criticize or express art? Arts education terminology

 Words to describe fine art, how to criticize or express art? Arts education terminology

Arts Education Terminology:

Technical terminology is a group of words used to criticize, analyze, define or interpret parts of an artistic work. There are many types and groups, depending on the topic covered. It is also used to study and facilitate explanation. These words come from ancient graphic critics and they used them at that time to describe before they became names or nouns. This comes from the artists themselves as a means of expression or definition. Most of the time the terms are close to the actual context of the definition, but not all Most of them have no relation to the context of the definition, as some of them will be used for description purposes and not denomination.

Technical descriptive words:

Descriptive words are words used alongside artistic terms to describe the feeling resulting from a work. They can indicate quality, expression or style. It is very important to choose them carefully. Each artistic term has many descriptive words that express it. Choosing one can take some time. group for study and contemplation of a work of art. This is a group in which critics specialize. The words may seem similar in their expression to the point that each expresses the work differently

Words to describe fine art:

the colour :

These are the pigments used in the work. The definition of color is something known to everyone, but the difficulty lies in the description of this artistic term. The words are so numerous and varied that they are endless, and each has a very different description and description. how it should match the subject of the painting, for example natural, light, distinctive, precise, dark, cheerful, cool, warm, warm, light, harmonious, contrasting, saturated, muted, calm, faint, vibrant, artificial, earthy, rich , mixed, showy, strong, deep, luminous, subdued, flat, contrasting


Tone is the cohesion of the painting's characteristics together and how they combine. It can be described with several descriptive words such as contrasting, varied, broken, uniform, stable, normal, monochromatic, flat, unchanging, smooth, normal, dark, light, broken, with the furrow Considering the shade, value and impact of colors


This is what the brushstroke leaves on the surface of the painting in a painting. It's visible, like a painting, then it's a peach, and if it's like that, we have to talk about it. In some tables, it's hidden, so don't talk about it. Ultimately, you have a choice, and we use words to describe it, like polished, smooth, cracked, raised, rough, and cut. ,etched,scratched,uneven,sticky,smooth,reflective,semi-gloss,satin,frosted,matte,smooth and hard,even


This refers to the feelings emanating from the painting and can be described in several words such as depression, sadness, calm, peaceful, relaxation, calm, joy, romance, misery, aggression, anger, boredom, lifeless, exciting, gloomy, painful, violent . , scary, biting. ...


As the name suggests, the way the shapes are represented in the work can be described in terms of the reality of the feeling of depth and volume with words such as realistic, three-dimensional, flat, simplified, stylized, abstract, fuzzy, exaggerated, geometric, long, layered, narrow. , distorted, geometric...


It is the method, school, movement or tradition that the artist followed. Does this sound like a specific style or movement, and can it be described based on what is followed? Is it realistic or pictorial? Cubism, etc.


It is the arrangement of all of the above on the painting and the way in which the artist chose to do it. It can be described as horizontal coordination, vertical coordination, diagonal, angle, center, freedom, fluidity, symmetry, balance, segmentation...

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