The largest painting in the world with explanation

 The largest painting in the world with explanation

In most cases, all the paintings we see in pictures are small in comparison to what we aspire to. Perhaps the one that makes us feel this illusion the most is the Mona Lisa. Seeing a large painting amazes us, so we ask ourselves: what is the largest painting painted then? The answer came in 2020 after the Guinness Book of World Records announced the world's largest painting, estimated at 17,000 square feet, titled The Journey of Humanity by artist Sacha Jafri Geth. The artist’s goal was to paint the largest picture.

Who is the artist Sasha Jafri?

Sacha Jafri is a contemporary British artist who attended Eton College and completed a Master of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, Britain's most prestigious and influential university. Among his most famous works are 14 portraits of the world's most influential Muslims, then commissioned by Prince Charles. In 2014, he also created the final cover for an album. Jack Bruce Sasha receives attention from the most famous celebrities, including former President Barack Obama, Sir Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and the British Royal Family. profits often go to corporations and charities due to his difficult childhood, which he has described as the worst form of poverty.

How is the process of drawing the greatest artistic painting:

In 2020, Sasha Jafri began painting the biggest picture on the theme of the needs of the world's youth, and it was during the time of the global Covid outbreak. The painting consists of 70 pieces with a group of painting types, such as surrealism and abstraction, in different media, including oil colors, all types of oil and acrylic, even household painting, which makes it diverse. The medium cannot be classified as the greatest oil or watercolor painting, but it can be classified as the greatest multimedia painting.

Explanation of the Humanity Journey chart

To express the needs of children and young people, Sasha invited children from all over the world to present their artistic works during the epidemic and express their feelings to extol the isolation and loneliness during the epidemic. He received an unknown number of works, indicating that they had come from 140 different countries. What Sasha received from the children made it the basis of his work. He carefully pasted them onto 70 artistic paintings and called them doors. The reason he chose this name is because they represent doors to a better future.

The table, made up of 70 parts, consists of five sections. The first section is titled “The Spirit of the Earth,” which is a group of long, wavy paint lines that express the unification of humanity on Earth. The second section is under the name "Nature", with abstract images of children, trees, rivers and natural forms, while the third section is titled "The Arrival of Humanity". Sasha described it as the stage in which parents guide their children. He showed abstract images of adults, filled patterns and solid shapes. The fourth section is the solar system, which depicts a purple sky with many planets and stars, while the section, which is the first thing Sasha started with, is the children's sections.

He painted the picture in the huge ballroom of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, where he was stuck there because of the outbreak. The painting took him eight months, working 20 hours a day, and it was so exhausting that he had emergency spinal surgery because of the pain and his skeletal system was misaligned, which forced him to eat. Painkillers to complete the picture. The experience of working on the last painting was very detrimental to his health. Then the painting was sold after its completion for a total of $62 million.

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