What is Inktober? The most famous challenge in art and drawing, and how to participate?

 What is Inktober? The most famous challenge in art and drawing, and how to participate?

Inktober is an official challenge that begins in October and ends at the end. It is a drawing challenge in which all painters from different parts of the world and of different levels participate, even beginners. The challenge was started by Jake Park. as a way to improve and develop formal habits by drawing every day. The challenge started in 2009 and The year 2022 marks the 13th year of the challenge, and it has produced many artists and been a reason for their fame. This also makes many artists and art lovers follow you because of the attention it receives.

How to participate in the Inktober Challenge?

There are several rules to follow if you are serious about participating in the competition organized by Deviant Art, and there are official prizes for artists depending on each month.

Then create the basic drawing you will be involved in using black ink and white paper.

Participation is obtained by publishing the work on social sites and networks, whether on Instagram or Facebook, by publishing it daily and taking up the challenge until the end of the month. With each drawing, the hashtag #inktober or #inktober2022 is attached to allow viewers to rate your work and for artists and art lovers to view it.

As for the topic, you have the freedom to choose it, and if you want to participate in the competition immediately, you can choose a topic from the immediate official list presented by Jake Parker on the special inktober site.

How to participate in the Inktober Challenge?

The first thing you need to draw is a plan to follow, especially since the participation lasts a very long time, which means 30 drawings or more. It's better to follow Jake's list, which will get you into the competition easily, then follow your other list. Second, to free up time and plan your time to draw every day, which is more difficult. Artists are confronted with daily continuity. Third, try to provide all the possible tools you will need so as not to disrupt your schedule.

Try to take advantage of what social media offers you as much as possible, like hashtags, and try to display your art in a non-traditional way, not just an image. You can benefit from small videos and others. Think outside the box to attract attention. You can get to know many artists from different countries and benefit from advice and exchange of followers, which can bring profit. You have prospects for the future, especially since there are famous artists who can take on the challenge for fun and seek assistants for some of their work. There are also companies that may be waiting for artistic works to employ artists for them.

Inktober Challenge Benefits:

To participate in the competition, you must respect the use of ink, or simply to participate, you can choose the medium of your choice. The challenge has inspired and encouraged many people to grow personally every year, and through the challenge you can reach the international level. "The prizes also differ in terms of financial support. The challenge itself is a very exciting thing, and if you participate, there is something that many people share with you, and feeling that you are part of a community that can understand and help you. is something that you, as an artist or formal beginner, must experience.

The challenge shows you what the art world has achieved, especially at the different levels participating in it. Some works may inspire you to create other works, or you may find your own style through the many designs you will create. rediscover your passion for drawing, if you care about the legacy of your block. The challenge has psychological and educational benefits. Once earned, it can be material and the beginning of fame for you

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