The strangest paintings in the world, famous, strange and beautiful paintings

 The strangest paintings in the world, famous, strange and beautiful paintings

For the artist, making people question the reasons for their painting and its message and thinking about everything in their painting is an objective that the artist seeks to make the recipient feel. Some of them took the question to another level to the point of characterizing it. by strangeness. Paintings that can be described as unusual and different can be the least. Weirdness occurs in different ways, whether in terms of subject matter or form... Ordinary academic art is often art that reflects reality with an artistic touch. However, weird art reflects people's level of imagination and is rarely inflamed.

Weird works of art are not easy to pull off despite the attention they attract. They have no specific rules or steps for success, but what we do know is that if they provoke a lot of questions, astonishment and perplexity, then they have achieved what they wanted and their success rate will be higher. What strangeness influences people is professional curiosity, particularly in two questions. and if ? And how? Two questions that artists answer in their paintings and pose while adding a sense of humor, which causes the strangeness to create accumulated and mixed feelings that amaze the recipient.

The strangest paintings in the world

the ugly duchess

A painting by the famous artist Quentin Macys. The painting depicts an elderly woman in whom everything is unusual, such as a large skull, a pig's nose and a huge face with large bones, with an unusual dress for the time, with sexual connotations. The painting is believed to mock older, unattractive women who attempt to imitate and resemble younger women. Bad character was expressed by the artist through ugliness. However, this remains just a theory, as some believe she is a woman suffering from Paget's disease, which causes bone deformities, especially in the skull, while the reason for sexual suggestibility is not known. .

the vegetable garden

The Renaissance era saw the rise of a group of powerful artists with new approaches and styles, and competing with them was difficult, and competing with them with strange art is even more difficult. This is what Giuseppe Arcimbold did with his complex and deceptive paintings, where they appear like an ordinary painting of a group of vegetables, until the painting falls into the category of reversible heads. As soon as you turn the painting over, it becomes more than just vegetables and the head of a gardener appears. very wonderful. Once you discover the trick, it becomes more and more interesting. Its execution is very elaborate, and it is difficult to see the trick without turning it over.

portrait of Antonietta Gonzalez:

The person who sees the painting will probably not be surprised and will think that it is an artistic painting of a fictional character from a novel, but the strange thing is that it is 'a portrait of a real character, a ten year old girl who suffers from excessive hair growth, with a beautiful top and a piece of paper she wears, on which her life story is written, with the calm attitude of the girl. The artist depicts the girl in human form as a child, overcoming her illness to appear as a character from the imaginary world with a beautiful personality

escape criticism

The painting by the artist Pere Borrell del Caso, at first glance, may seem like an ordinary painting depicting a child trying to escape from the frame. The strangeness lies in the strength of realism, whether in the child's drawing or in two-dimensionality. In the era of romantic paintings, the artistic world was surprised by a very realistic painting, or what would later be called hyperrealism, a painting with a new idea. The painting creates several unanswered questions, which scares the child away. Is the painting the expression of the artist's attempt to escape criticism? Who is the child and many questions

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