A summary of Leonardo da Vinci's life, his birth and death, and the world's most expensive sketch

A summary of Leonardo da Vinci's life, his birth and death, and the world's most expensive sketch

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This is Leonardo de Ser Piero da Vinci, born April 15, 1452. He is the result of an illicit relationship between his mother, Caterina, a peasant, and his father, Piero da Vinci. His father later recognized him, until the incident greatly affected him and affected his drawings and in the history of one of his greatest paintings. He has been called the complete artist for his abilities. He is capable of dealing with various arts including sculpture, literature, music and architecture, adding that he is an athlete, scientist and inventor.

The most important stages of Leonardi's life:

The artist is of Italian origin, more precisely from the Tuscany region, from the Republic of Florence, in the city of Vinci. He lived an ordinary and simple childhood, where he received his education from the famous artist of the time, Andrea Del Verrocchio. He was his excellent student and at the same time his companion, which allowed Da Vinci an excellent education, especially from a technical and formal point of view. After that, he acquires... Cognitive experience: He begins to wander and travel in pursuit of knowledge, despite the emergence of his ideas and knowledge in various fields, until he fails to obtain a academic training in his life.

One of the most talented people in human history has made him a Renaissance man, which is enough to make some the best in history. His cultural, artistic and scientific craftsmanship are also evident in paintings, preliminary drawings, diagrams and engineering. drawings, memoirs and personal booklets for all the enormous knowledge. Let's not forget the personal biographies.

However, his most famous works are artistic paintings, as he was obsessed with the physical dimensions of humans and was known for using his scientific knowledge and study of body dimensions to apply them in his drawings. great talent, because most of his drawings included few corrections, sometimes non-existent, and he passed on to us his love for the study of the human body. With his famous painting, the Vitruvian Man, composed of two men, one in a circle and the other in a square, because it reflects the harmony of successive bodies, it is considered one of his paintings the most famous.

Leonardo da Vinci's most expensive manuscript and the world's most expensive sketch

These manuscripts, despite their small size, are planning ideas combined with notes written on linen, theories and predictions, which are estimated to be over 1,000 pages long, although many doubt this number and believe that there are manuscripts hidden from us, and that the real number is 13,000 pages. For a painter and a scientist, this number is small. It's small compared to what it's supposed to leave behind. Despite this, this small number gives these manuscripts more value, and it is sometimes difficult to estimate their amount, because a piece of paper is worth millions of dollars, and if an entire collection, as Leonardo da Vinci kept them, will contain the the most expensive book in the world for centuries to come.

Despite this, there are many wealthy people in the world who are interested in these manuscripts and religion. They can pay an imaginary sum to obtain them and wait for an auction. Among these people was the former richest man in the world, Bill. Gates, who purchased Leonardo da Vinci's manuscript titled Leicester in 1994 for approximately $30,000,000 million, while its current value is estimated at $50,000,000 million or more, and the price increases, especially as its owner, Bill, has contributed more to its fame, and the price will double. The manuscript deals with the theme of water and its properties, as well as the themes of atmospheric phenomena and natural changes, which makes us understand why Bill was attached to it, as he was one of those who were obsessed with natural resources and their ability to meet the world's needs in the future. The manuscript consisted of 18 sturdy sheets of paper written on the front and back, making it 72 pages of text filled with today's measurements and over 300 drawings. It belonged to the Earl of Leicester, who acquired it. It was sold to Arnald Hammer, who sold it to Bill Gates. Today, it is the most expensive official manuscript in the world and the only one of its kind in America.

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