What are the elements of fine art? The seven elements of art, elements of drawing and painting

 What are the elements of fine art? The seven elements of art, elements of drawing and painting

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Visual art is the artist's window to express their feelings and ideas in various ways, such as architecture, photography, decoration and sculpture. Visual arts have rules, principles and elements that help us form an integrated work of art or understand the work. art by looking at it or critiquing it, and the artistic elements are very basic. Form, but it is the basic factor to ultimately give a compositional form, which we know as a work of art

There are seven elements of fine art. You can simplify their explanation by calling them visual tools or methods. They are called so because they can be discovered by the eye, and most of them are often found in artistic works such as drawing and painting. They are fundamental and indispensable things, and that is why they are used to criticize and improve. Its application is a success

Elements of Fine Art:

Color: When you look at a painting, what will make the first visual connection is the colors. This highlights the extent of their importance. The effect that color creates, whether visually or psychologically, is very important to the recipient or admirer of the work. art, and the artist seeks to understand it and choose it well to apply it to his works. You can imagine that for the most famous artists, the most difficult step in making their paintings was coloring, while the first sketch or drawing was an easy thing to do. There is a lot to understand or study about colors, including the three basic elements: value, hue, and intensity. The first concerns the lightness of the color, its lightness like white and its darkness like black and all other colors. Between them, if we add white to any color, or what we call a dye, its value becomes lighter, that is, in the direction of light in the drawing, and if we add from black it becomes a shadow and the value becomes darker, while the density indicates the brightness of the color, or vice versa. There is a group of cognitive bases of coloring to which we have devoted previous articles.

What are warm and cool colors?

What are neutral colors?

Color psychology

Line: This is the basis other than drawing. Lines can have other importances, such as shading, depth and perspective. The line is not limited to dry tools, like a pencil. Rather, it can take different shapes, like brush lines. Lines help create different effects in the composition, the most important of which is

The first drawing or sketch and the difference between it and the drawing

The art of scratching and its types

Shape: This is a set of rules applied to create depth in the drawing, which is a two-dimensional surface. Using width, height and depth as linear or color errors, we create a three-dimensional illusion, making the drawing closer to reality, and we call this the drawing acquires the appropriate size. There are several factors for its success, such as shadows, different colorings, color grading, layout and shapes...

Shape: This is what we mentioned before about shapes being used to create two-dimensionality, that is, it is a flat, sizeless design, and we often convert it to three-dimensionality , like converting a circle to a sphere and a square to a cube. In the most important explanatory statements, "The shape gives the perimeter of the object, which is essentially a sentence." About lines

Space: To make things simpler, when drawing we have synthetic space. This space allows us to add formal focal points. For example, we have a painting of a cup. Positive space is the area of the cup itself, while negative space is what surrounds the cup, and any empty parts of the substrate shape are negative space.

Texture: This is the feeling the artwork gives to the recipient

These were the most important elements of art, namely the seven colors – shape – line – value – form – space – texture.

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