What are the best electronic tablets for drawing? Drawing tablet with stylus and features for artists

 What are the best electronic tablets for drawing? Drawing tablet with stylus and features for artists

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 Digital drawing is now more widespread than before, especially with the emergence of NFTs and the opening of a new market for artists. Whether you are a graphic designer, architect or artist, you need a digital painting that offers you all possible conditions for a successful experience. Choosing the right color is a very difficult thing, apart from the internal components, you need to There is a tablet specially designed for artists, with the fluidity of the stylus, touch technology and the distinction between the stylus and the hand. For your information, not all tablets can be converted to official paints, but some of them respond to the pen sensor.

Types of official electronic plates:

Electronic art boards are divided into two, the first being boards which are then connected to the computer and provide a surface on which one can draw, while the official results appear on the computer screen. Among its features is the powerful sensor of a directed pen with all the required techniques. It then shows the line to be transmitted and provides solid proofreading of the lines. Excellent for graphic design, as there will be greater confidence on the computer, which means more efficiency for the device and interaction with programs. with more tools for Photoshop lovers, it is considered the best option.

Second, the electronic panels on the screen, if you are looking for a screen that offers more content than just drawing on it, but goes beyond and becomes a special entertainment device, or if you like the idea of staying at away from the computer, Next, technology companies are offering devices that can be used with styluses and a smart touch screen with the addition of application functionality and which can be converted from a screen.

How to choose the correct official paint:

   The pen: The pen is one of the most important features of official number plates, and here the response time of the pen must be fast so that it is not exposed to interrupted writing. You also need to pay attention to the sensitivity of the pen to the pressure level, and in most devices it is measured and varies from a level of 1024 to 8096, and if you are a beginner, any pressure level is higher than 2000. That will be enough and you won't notice the difference. if you are a professional you will need more than 4096. Also make sure the pen is capable of wireless charging or will it be charged via the screen.

   Screen Resolution and Texture: Screen resolution is an important factor in the final image of the drawing, and several things control it, including lines per inch (LPI), and the higher the clarity rating. , the more detailed your drawings are. Additionally, the thick glass and screen protector can have a negative effect and create a slight difference in the pen interaction each time. The thinner the glass, the better. Screen pixels and brightness show you the image as it will appear on most devices. and the more, the better. Many people face the problem of low pixels, which results in different colors being displayed on a device with a higher pixel density.

   hotkeys: or shortcut keys, which determine from the screen whether the screen is programmed for use with pen or drawing, and are shortcut keys for tools, functions, and settings.

1- The best graphic panels:

   Wacom Intuos wireless device; In general, there are many official Wacom devices of different types, whether screens or panels, and all of them are considered excellent, but the type we have today, Intuos Wireless, is considered to be one of the best, with a pressure sensitivity level of up to 4096 and 2540 lines per inch, with Bluetooth connection function, and its price reaches 79 to 100. You can also choose the one from Wacom for a price lower 40-60 dollars

   Huion Inspiroy H1060P Device: Huion also offers various high-quality graphics tablets, but the Inspiroy H1060P model, with its wonderful specifications of 8192 pressure levels, precise sensitivity, 28 programmable shortcuts and 12 buttons, allows it to provide everything what you need. that the artist needs and its size is larger than most devices.

Gaomon PD1161 11.6" tablet: with a built-in screen with HD resolution and compatibility with popular drawing applications from Mac and Windows, with a fast-response battery-free stylus and the function of controlling the line thickness with a pressure level of up to 8192. Although it is built into a display, it is not a standalone device, but rather needs... A computer for it to work with a USB port and HDMI

2 – The best official motherboards with screen:

As for standalone cards, their standards are close to non-standalone cards, but they are more expensive. There are few devices that give you everything you need without giving up anything. It is better to buy old copies due to the lack of cost, and this is the best option. We can say that your first check should be on all levels. Apple iPad Pro or iPad devices. If you have a budget, you can find out about each device

Surface Pro 6

-Galaxy Tab S4 Spen

-Kamvas GT-221 Pro

- Matebook and 2-in-1

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