Teaching drawing from imagination, steps and basics How do I draw from my imagination?

 Teaching drawing from imagination, steps and basics How do I draw from my imagination?

a definition  :

Drawing from imagination is fundamentally a relationship between the thinking mind and its imagination of the initial image of the drawing and the hand executing the work. To create harmony between them, the artist aims for a set of methods and bases to realize his idea on a surface. Drawing from the mind or imagination is something that every painter or beginner aims for, because there is nothing like it. Embodiment of imagination.

The basics of drawing from imagination:

Drawing depends on the imagination and, as we mentioned, the relationship between the hand and the mind, or what is called imaginary memory, this is what the artist uses and memorizes the dimensions, sizes or initial lines like the human hand, which the artist establishes with practice and memorizes a three-dimensional image in his mind so that he can use it whenever he wants and draw it without repeating it. Seeing it only imaginatively, other imaginations are added to obtain what is desired, but the basis is to memorize the shapes and consolidate them in the mind with all its parts and divisions.

Mental and Visual Saturation Before drawing anything, the mind and eye must be saturated with vision and mental memorization of the thing to be drawn. The idea is not to invent something imaginary that doesn't exist, because that is impossible. , the secret lies in taking inspiration from the mind and offering it various options to create something new and innovative. The mind works to take what it has, that is, it seeks to integrate its acquired knowledge to transform it into something artistic and artistic. close to what you imagined. It's about finding the solution to the closest possible lines and the best way of expression. That is, the secret is to provide the mind with what it needs, whether it is knowledge, inspiration or saturation with special images of He loves to draw worlds and characters

In order to draw a complete imaginative drawing, we need the imaginary shapes to be firmly ingrained in the mind, or as many as possible. We researched scenes close to the idea to get inspiration and try to implement it. according to its requirements. There is no better website or program than Pinterest for this task. It will give you rough sketches of what you want to draw, which you can work on and add to. To match your imaginative idea.

For the application we draw many preliminary drawings to obtain the shape that best suits the imagination. After that, we try to apply them with all the basics of drawing, including light, shadow and dimensions. Or you can draw a small preliminary drawing similar to imagination without many details, and use the grid or squares technique and convert it into a larger image. We covered the basics in previous articles, and you will find them in the magazine on drawing with squares.

If you are a beginner, drawing from imagination requires mastering the basics such as perspective, light and shadow, and one cannot do without them before moving on to the next step, which is to study the initial lines and divisions of necessary things. on hand positions....

And give yourself time to develop

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