The best sketchbooks and their types, sketchbooks, how to choose sketchbooks

 The best sketchbooks and their types, sketchbooks, how to choose sketchbooks

a definition   :

Sketchbooks or sketchbooks are the artist's notebook, something that every painter uses to present their ideas, imagination and formal approaches. Or they may become a close friend who tells you details of future drawings. Even more, there are artists who make their artistic gallery notebooks of completed drawings. They can be a timeline that shows the development of your talent. During each drawing, introduce the different feelings and how they are presented in your drawing. Sketchbooks are an important thing for any painter, whether a beginner or a professional.

The importance of sketchbooks:

 Sketchbooks show you more than you expect, especially with the large number of drawings. For example, when a painter tries to create his own style, he needs to find the commonalities of his drawings and your free expression before mixing them with artistic elements. Knowledge. A timeline of the development of drawing skill and a return to the important points of your drawings are all things only found in notebooks. The drawing, and it will be difficult to obtain it without it, as well as the emotional relationship. You I will not imagine the feeling of returning to these drawings after many years. Let's not forget that it preserves the drawings.

How to choose sketchbooks:

What you need to consider when choosing the appropriate notebook is:

   Size and type of paper: Drawing books are available in different sizes, the choice of which depends on the individual style. Every artist has a size they like, and you can explore all possible paper sizes. drawing paper. The type of paper is chosen based on the media you are using, and based on that you will choose the appropriate paper. You can learn more about this by looking at drawing paper, its differences and how I choose the most suitable one. one for my drawings

Where will you use the sketchbook: Size can be optional, but there are certain factors that can determine it. For example, drawing abroad determines that you should choose medium or small size notebooks.

All the characteristics, format, type of paper and support, are written on the front of the notebook

The best drawing books and their types:

Sketchbooks differ in build quality, that is, the materials used for both paper and cover, and based on this, the price is determined. They also differ in how the paper is presented, so one that uses the spiral method, glue, threads, etc., but the price is controlled by the paper and cover. We will show the best known and most used ones. But with a reasonable price

- Global Art Hand Book Artist: This is the notebook specially made for the artist to carry wherever he is and while traveling. A wide variety of sizes, some of which you won't find until this company, together with the paper holder, makes it the most beautiful notebook for artists' notes.

- Strathmore Sketchbook: It is considered one of the best tools you can use, especially on dry media and for drawing sketches, because it has metal supports that allow you to tear the paper easily. It is also reasonably priced compared to its peers, as it is priced as high as $9. There are different types from the same company, with most materials including toned tan. With ivory paper

Alibabette Paris Notebook: One of the best notebooks in high quality ivory paper, excellent with wooden colors, then holding the papers with a point that allows the notebook to be spread flat. The paper material, with the format of 100 g and color, allows you to draw magnificent designs with a pen or wooden colors. The company offers different notebooks in all official types

- Watercolor brochure from the Canson Artist series; It is loaded with paper that can hold watercolors, meaning it is over 300g, with the wonderful Canson paper and the first choice for watercolor enthusiasts.

- Canson XL Marker Paper Pad: This is a Canson notebook dedicated to markers

- Prat Flexbook Smartbook: with ivory paper and a matching notebook at a reasonable price

- Hahnemuhle beige sketchbook: The professional sketchbook is one of the best-made notebooks, but the price is the obstacle.

Blackwing Notebook: The professional notebook has great features, including a waterproof cover, but it's expensive

- Shizen Notebook: A notebook with different paper colors, such as red, yellow and orange

- brochure by the artist Bellofy

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