The meaning of colors in painting and design, color in fine art and its psychological connotations

 The meaning of colors in painting and design, color in fine art and its psychological connotations

a definition :

One of the most important requirements of artists, especially painters and designers, is the right choice of colors in their works, which has a great impact on the admirer and recipient. The study of colors and their interaction on the recipient is something that must be taken into account. be cared for and well understood. The complexity of what the body uses to analyze or see color is very complex, including the eye's visual vision and its transmission. The brain undergoes the process of analysis by means of nerves, or what is called electromagnetic radiation, which is responsible for transmitting light, images and colors from the eye to the brain. In this process, the mind analyzes a large group of information to determine a group of choices, including liking or rejecting, determining colors and their interaction. on the body, determining sensation and Feeling with complete physical interactions. Here, artists exploit this process through the interaction of colors with the body in general, including psychological interaction.

Colors have a great impact on the human psyche, and artists adopting specific colors in their paintings create for the recipient the state that the artist wishes to convey, further attracting them to the painting and working to establish a connection between the recipient and the painting. Despite this, the study of colors and their interaction with the human body is not something inevitable and successful every time, but rather the goal. This is about creating a bond with a large group only. Colors and their interaction remain an individual, optional and unagreed thing. Artists, in turn, have personal color choices that may be different from those of the majority. The best example is Picasso and his choice of shades of blue to express sadness, although many see blue as a color of calm and peace. Despite this, Picasso managed to originalize his expression thanks to other factors, notably the idea and the method of execution of the drawing. The artist must be aware that the meaning of colors for humans can be controlled by other factors, and attention must be paid to them, especially in the execution of personal drawings or drawings on request, notably the personality of the customer or the idea of the design and its construction. This is why we choose the colors

 Meaning of colors in psychology:

      Each color has a psychological state that it creates for a group of people, who are the majority, and which can be contradictory for some, who are the minority. How to choose the best color for my designs

- Blue Color: It is a symbol of calm, peace, honesty, trust and integrity. Anything that symbolizes emotional feelings is not used in food advertisements because it suppresses the appetite. Dark blue is used in advertisements for expensive and luxury products and is automatically associated with them, while light blue expresses more new and medium cost products.

- Red color: It is a symbol of passion, romance, love, danger and energy, and everything that expresses the strength of emotional relationships. It is often used to lack attention, such as putting it in product and food symbols. It's one of the most expressive colors in fashion, makeup, and women's products, and it has the power to excite men.

- Green color: It is a symbol of health, tranquility, money, life, growth and freshness. It is used in health products or anything that has bases from nature or products that have a unique innovation.

- Yellow color: It is a symbol of fun, enthusiasm, communication, intelligence, warmth, prudence, helpfulness and friendliness. It is used in children's products or dangerous products and is considered a warning.

- Orange color: It is a symbol of enthusiasm, innovation, creativity and reflection. It is used in anything with positive energy, such as energy drinks, fitness products or children's products.

- Purple color: symbol of nobility, luxury, wealth, success, wisdom, dignity and royalty. It is used in women's products as an expression of bureaucracy and is the only color that has no negative repercussions.

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