What are the best gouache colors? What is the best brand of gouache colors?

 What are the best gouache colors? What is the best brand of gouache colors?

a definition :

Gouache is one of the artistic media that uses water. It contains more pigments than watercolor, which makes it opaque, that is, it covers the surface. It also dries quickly. However, the most important characteristic of gouache colors remains its resistance to water. Although water is a medium, it disappears as soon as it dries. Due to the artificial ingredients added to it, it makes it waterproof, so it becomes impossible to modify it once it dries. The water resistance can be useful, especially for those who want to use it with other surfaces, such as fabric, glass, etc.

The medium for gouache is water, but he has complete control over how it is used. If water is added in large quantities, the colors of the gouache transform and become like transparent watercolors, and the water is able to control and Either I use the gouache color with a small amount of water, the amount of mixing, or without it, it becomes denser and more similar to acrylic colors and waterproof, and the only way to adjust it is to add layers and cover the mistake.

What are the best gouache colors?

Of course, not all brands of gouache are of the same quality, but the best of them can be exposed to many disadvantages, the most important of which is cracking, especially when creating layers, or lack of cohesion, or even the fading of colors. , or the weakness of its production materials, which make it very thin and unsuitable, or its grainy color, which causes it to leave unwanted marks, or its drying too quickly are all factors to avoid to obtain the best official image possible. are the best gouache color sets that can make your art work easier, whether beginner or professional.

- Reeves Gouache paint set; Although it is aimed at beginners, its quality makes professionals addicted to it. It's a box of 24 tubes, making it easy to use and ideal for those who want to try professional colors at a lower price than professional colors. you the closest experience, even the same compared to other brands. One of its disadvantages is the lack of color due to the tubes. And it smells bad

- Holbein Artist's Gouache Set: If you want to rely on professional gouache colors and raise the level of your drawings, then this set is for you. Its most important feature is that it maintains its opacity even if water is used on it. , and although they are tubes, the color value remains low and they last longer thanks to their harmonious line.

- Winsor & Newton Gouache Collection: This is a wonderful balance of price and quality. You will find all the characteristics you want from gouache, despite the fact that the box only contains six colors, which are the basic colors. Good opacity, bright colors. , gorgeous coverage, quick drying, and in the end, it's worth the price paid.

Here are all the brands you can research in more detail that may suit your budget or the price you are willing to pay

-gouache Schmincke Horadam

-caran d'ache gouache

-royal Talens artistic creation gouache

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