Definition of pop art, its uses, types and methods of drawing

 Definition of pop art, its uses, types and methods of drawing

a definition  :

         The Pop Art style is considered one of the modern arts, and the word “Pop” comes from the English word popular, which means famous. The reason for this name is that the Pop style was previously famous for its emphasis on well-known characters and drawing them in a manner similar to murals with innovative or strange backgrounds. The aim is to create links between art and other magazines, such as cinema or music, until the pop style is used in all the most famous artists, such as films, covers of music discs or other things. Of course, the biggest beneficiaries were the artists, especially the unknown ones. Pop provided them with another type of market to sell their paintings, which created competition. drawing public figures and demonstrating their abilities, or exploiting the medium and the fame of certain people to create controversy which the artist uses as propaganda for his paintings, including drawing political figures.

The concept of pop art and its types:

       It is not possible to isolate the pop style into a single characteristic: we can find it comical and entertaining, deep and full of messages, or serious and depressing, etc. artists, filmmakers and others of that era i.e. the year 1950. Pop is considered to be the latest drawing technique. With its beautiful style and bright colors, it makes any art lover or not in general want to draw themselves. in this style, especially since it is a style followed by celebrities. You can imagine the amount of demand for this.

      Pop Art is divided into two approaches, the first being black and white drawing, and often the emphasis is placed on drawing the character and their features by following the light shining on the face. images... The second approach is to add coloring and backgrounds while maintaining the same drawing method from the first curriculum.

      Pop art is a style of drawing these days that we see in everything from clothing, celebrities, photographs of all kinds, music, and more. Unfortunately, his fans have declined, and the reason is due to the strength of his circulation, which makes him expendable, and at the same time, this circulation is his strength because it has not faded away.

Despite this, pop art remains one of the most distinguished types of drawing, and it combines a group of drawing schools into a single style, adding a special flavor distinct from other approaches. The ease of getting ideas and enjoying the characteristic of combining them makes it loved by artists and presented as something joyful and interesting, it is pleasant to look at and its powerful art has also made it popular with the audience.

The artist's choice of style is often the result of his personality, his own ideas and how well they fit into the style before he adopts it. Sometimes the artist may be judged in a certain style due to the popularity of a painting that won the award. the admiration of the public, which makes the style the one that imposes itself on the artist. In most cases, the painter has experimented with all the methods before finding his stable or creating his own methodology.

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