What are the best brushes for watercolor? The importance of quality brushes, the best watercolor brushes

 What are the best brushes for watercolor? The importance of quality brushes, the best watercolor brushes

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Watercolor is one of the most beautiful artistic materials, whether for its transparency or its bright colors. However, it remains one of the most difficult supports to use. It requires a thorough understanding of colors and how they are arranged. used, which makes them infallible. Due to the difficulty of their use, you need tools that make your work as easy as possible, whether the surface, which is often paper weighing more than 300 grams, or the watercolor, is a quality tool appropriate, but the factor most neglected by watercolor lovers is the brush, although it has a great influence on the finish of the drawing, and this is due to a lack of knowledge of its importance.

The importance of quality brushes for watercolor:

You might be wondering why I would need paintbrushes since most of them have the same purpose, and that's a misconception. While artists focus on brush shapes and collect them, they neglect quality at the expense of formal diversity. Here is the most important point. characteristic of the brushes, their high quality and what they will add to your creativity. First of all, what any artist who loves watercolor might need. The soft stroke of the brush, the even distribution and the amount of water that can be held in the brush. Belly are all factors that will give you high quality brushes. The biggest problem you may face with regular brushes is lack of absorption, which requires bristles with excellent texture, requiring you to re-immerse them multiple times. And what is most annoying about regular brushes and makes them useless is the loss of bristles and their damage, which makes them useless in terms of distribution or precision. They can also cause scattered drops that spoil the surface of the drawing, which makes quality brushes a good investment, especially since water It is not strongly affected, allowing the bristles to regain their shape original for as long as possible

Best Brushes for Watercolor:

- Princeton Aqua Elite Sybthetic Kolindky Brush Set: What sets it apart from other brushes is that it is synthetic, meaning it does not use animal fur in the bristles, but it it competes strongly and you will find it on the best and the best. sales list every year.

- Heartybay Brush Set: These are synthetic hair brushes with a set of shapes and 12 brushes. They are also the most professional brushes at the right price. Their bristles are firm and will not lose their shape or fall out, but handle them gently when washing them to make them last longer.

- Mont Marte Brush Set: These are high quality brushes. Their bristles are thicker and softer due to the type of material used in the bristles, which is corrosion resistant, and these are the bristles used in makeup brushes. One of its negative points is that it is very soft, but it is suitable for everything else.

- A set of black velvet watercolor brushes: They have an astonishing absorption capacity and are of very high quality. Unfortunately, they use a mixture of black synthetic hair and natural squirrel hair.

- Alerie Watercolor Brush Set: It has durable, flexible bristles and a large absorbent tip. It is considered a beginner-friendly brush as it offers the best sizes with nine brushes. It is also more comfortable due to its design and the similarity of its bristles. It is also suitable for professionals because it is one of the thinnest brushes and it is available in different sizes. It has different shapes and is one of the longest bristle brushes.

- Ait Art Premium Detail Brush Set: It is considered one of the secondary brush types as it is important for creating small details and additions. It is also suitable for making light, although it is expensive. It is an investment that can last for many years thanks to the quality of its manufacturing.

Unfortunately, most brushes rely on animal fur, so we've tried to list the least used or unused ones. If you have information about any of the suitable brands, leave it in the comment so that everyone can benefit.

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